1. New Version of Kendo UI Suite Released for Javascript and HTML5 Lovers Everywhere
11/21/2014 10:00:29 AM
New Version of Kendo UI Suite Released for Javascript and HTML5 Lovers Everywhere
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New Version of Kendo UI Suite Released for Javascript and HTML5 Lovers Everywhere

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Mobile Tech Friday, November 21, 2014

Telerik announced today its newest release of its Kendo UI suite that delivers an improved version of the popular JavaScript and HTML5 framework. The improvements to the Kendo UI suite resolves many of the current challenges that developers face with data manipulation. The company currently serves an innovative app community of 1.4 million developers.

The Kendo UI suite hosts many outstanding features which brings even more good news for developers. There is online/offline support capabilities which are customized just for applications to work offline. The apps are also optimized by locally stored data and its updates can be automatically synced with the offline data when the user signs online. Data loss is always a hinderance when any type of important information could be destroyed.

Two new data management widgets called “Tree List” and “PivotGrid” were also introduced for the Kendo UI Suite. Tree list combines tree view and grid elements within one widget which is capable of providing data editing and load-on-demand. The PivotGrid widget is a data visualization feature for developers. The widget helps developers perform operations while conducting multidimensional/pivot data.

The solution by Telerik enables stronger data control for developers. Mobile elements such as Telerik's widgets which are designed for such frameworks compliment the Kendo UI suite in delivering for developers better resources required to address enterprise big data integration challenges in the application development process. These type of features bring more opportunities to capitalize as developers adopt the solutions.

In addition, Telerik plans to release numerous critical updates for its existing Kendo UI components. The updates include a theme inspired by Android Material Design, a drawing engine utilization across the entire spectrum of DataViz widgets, multicolumn headers and save/restore settings for Grid components, data editing and CRUD support for Diagram, a timeline view in Scheduler and resources and advanced edit forms for Gantt.

Flexibility and speed is what every developer at Telerik looks for and the Kendo UI suite meets everyone’s expectations.. Enterprises typically require specific data which are derived from an array of backend systems. The latest version of the Telerik Kendo UI suite assists lets developers perform using any device, both on- and offline. 

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