1. Neotys Updates NeoLoad Load and Performance Testing Solution
6/22/2015 2:03:20 PM
Neotys Updates NeoLoad Load and Performance Testing Solution
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Neotys Updates NeoLoad Load and Performance Testing Solution

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Neotys Updates NeoLoad Load and Performance Testing Solution

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Monday, June 22, 2015

Neotys has announced the availability of the latest version of its NeoLoad load and performance testing solution. The release of NeoLoad 5.1 extends support for new technologies, adding complete end user experience for real browsers and devices, and enhancing analysis capabilities with graphing and metrics integrations. 

In order to meet testers' evolving technical needs, NeoLoad 5.1 provides new and improved technology support. The NeoLoad 5.1 controller and its embedded load generator now run natively on a Mac. The new version also enables testing JMS for messaging servers and supports Hessian Web Servers, Websocket requests and responses, and GWT applications where the IDs of services and components are regularly changing.

Other updates include:

- Complete End User Experience: NeoLoad 5.1 ships with the ability to gather device-side and browser-side metrics from real devices and browsers by automatically launching tests in functional testing tools (Selenium, Perfecto Mobile, Jamo Solutions, and other Java-based tools) during a NeoLoad test.

- Advanced Actions & APIs: NeoLoad's Advanced Actions are designed to extend the behavior of virtual users. In addition to the improvement of the Advanced Action framework, NeoLoad 5.1 comes with pre-bundled actions including SQL and Store External Data Entry (previously available through Neotys Labs). NeoLoad 5.1 also introduces a new recording API which makes it possible to transfer browser-based functional tests (including Selenium tests) to NeoLoad via scripting.

- Enhanced Analysis: NeoLoad 5.1 presents testers with enhanced insights by offering customizable percentages for container statistics, new scatter graph displays, a live graphic display of your full test at runtime and the ability to quickly adjust graph granularity.

- Further extends Testing Capabilities: NeoLoad 5.1 includes monitoring data on the Controller itself, synchronization of custom resources on all load generators, Neotys Team Server 2.1 shared license enhancements, post-design protocol identification, domain name resolution, and a handful of usability improvements.

Read more: http://www.neotys.com/product/whatsnew51.html