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1/14/2021 8:38:46 AM
Motorola predicts what working from home could look like
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Motorola predicts what working from home could look like


Motorola predicts what working from home could look like

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Motorola VP of Product Dan Dery gives us Motorola’s 2021 technology predictions including work from home smart technology improvements, form factors navigating a new generation, subscription going commercial, and consumer and employees increased demand for privacy protection.

With no change in the WFH environment coming without a COVID-19 vaccine, tech companies will focus on developing and enhancing camera and audio improvements, changes in collaboration technologies, and increased focus on ergonomic designs and larger, moveable, and portable displays.

Work from home smart technology improvements

The office will likely transform from many desks, conference rooms, and shared amenities to a cooperative business center with more nimble and more portable tech that will allow employees to readily adapt to their surroundings as needed.

New form factors navigate a new generation 

Dual-screen configurations, growing and new folding form factors like on-screen keyboard inputs, and voice-to-text tools that are less reliant on a physical keyboard, will develop for Gen Z appeal.

Organizational security and consumer privacy are here to stay  

Necessary commitment to a more agile, business-centric approach to security that places security within the context of the organizational strategy.

Personal and work device blending in WFH will lead to consumers/employees' demand for increased privacy protection.

Subscription goes commercial

‘Everything-as-a-service’ (EaaS) concept will accelerate into the commercial enterprise and SMB space, shifting capital expense to operational expense as companies gain access to more tech tools, IT services, and security at a more affordable price.  
EaaS will expand with 5G and expedite IT deployments into turnkey solutions – shortening timeframes from months to days.

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