5/30/2014 11:36:41 PM
Moto360 Smartwatch Looks Like a Watch, Will That Turn Off Techies
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Moto360 Smartwatch Looks Like a Watch, Will That Turn Off Techies

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Friday, May 30, 2014

It's easy to imagine a Star Trek engineer wearing Google Glass as he/she walks through the Starship Enterprise virtually checking the ships systems as they go. It’s not so easy to imagine doing the same with the Moto360. Unless they go back in time to 1983, then they probably would fit right in.

I’m not knocking the Moto360, I’m just wondering how early adopting techies are going to react to the very traditional looking device. And maybe that’s just the point with the new smartwatch. Perhaps the watch’s design is to appeal to a slightly older generation, who wore watches as much as a fashion statement as a functional device. And there are a bunch of those people out there, probably mostly men, I can’t imagine the watch as a fashion statement for women.

I recently wrote about the opportunities that smart wearables present for mobile app developers and, with the Moto360 running Android Wear, it is going to be very convenient to create apps for Android Wear and launch on a number of devices. Of course, all we have right now is the Developer Preview, hopefully we get the whole enchilada very soon.

Read more: https://moto360.motorola.com/