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5/10/2016 10:06:07 AM
Make School Summer Developer Training Includes VR and Gaming
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Make School Summer Developer Training Includes VR and Gaming

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Make School Summer Developer Training Includes VR and Gaming

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

The Make School Summer Academy located in San Francisco is offering a Summer Academy series designed to teach product development in four tracks areas: Intro to Swift Development, Gaming Development, VR Development and iOS App Development.

The deadline to apply is May 15 and pricing for each Academy varies by track. Tuition assistance is available. Here is an overview of the four academy tracks.

VR Development Academy - 8 Weeks

MakeSchool is partnering with UploadVR to offer an 8-week full-time developer training program to prepare students for the virtual reality industry. During the course, students will meet key influencers, learn the industry standard workflows, produce their own standalone experience and receive a new VR ready programming package (Oculus-ready gaming PC, a Gear VR headset, and a Samsung phone). Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets will be provided during the course.

The VR Acadamy is geared towards advanced developers interested in mastering the VR toolchain, bringing together students with mentors, instructors, and speakers from established VR companies in the world to prepare students for a career in virtual reality production.

Students will learn to learn to build desktop and mobile VR games using Unity; learn about design and usability best practices for VR; test their VR creation with real users; and get feedback to better understand how to improve upon their VR game.

iOS App Development Academy – 8 Weeks

The iOS app development track provides the opportunity to learn to how to build native iPhone apps. Students will learn about the app development process, from idea to app store and learn about the software development industry from talks by industry experts.

Students will gain knowledge of native iPhone app development using the Swift programming language by cloning iOS apps; meet tech industry veterans and learn about the mobile development lifecycle; study iPhone app success stories; submit an app to the App Store and present it during the Demo Day event.

Gaming App Development Academy - 8 Weeks

The gaming track will teach students the process of developing native gaming apps for iOS. Students will use the Swift programming language to clone existing games and will use the same tools professional game developers use including Xcode and Git.

guidance will be provided about best practices for game development by working on a series of small projects to study visual layout, user interfaces, balance, and user delight to create a foundation for developing games by building a wireframe. Students will ultimately create and introduce a game to the App Store and present it during the Demo Day event.

Intro to Swift Development Academy – Four Weeks

The Intro to Swift Development Academy provides hands on training on the Swift programming language. Instruction includes training on variables, types, booleans, conditionals and how to start building basic programs.

Other programming concepts will be covered including data structures (arrays and dictionaries), loops and recursion which provide insight into implementing basic algorithms commonly used in programming. Students will learn object oriented programming and will develop an understanding of how to structure and build complex applications. The class will end with students creating a clone of popular iOS apps. 

Read more: https://www.makeschool.com/summer-academy

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