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9/24/2014 7:19:31 PM
Logentries Now Offers New Relic Integration for Log Level, Client to Server Transaction Tracing
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Logentries Now Offers New Relic Integration for Log Level, Client to Server Transaction Tracing


Logentries Now Offers New Relic Integration for Log Level, Client to Server Transaction Tracing

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Logentries offers a log management and analytics service built for the cloud and now is providing New Relic integration that provides real-time visibility into log level transactions from client-side devices - such as mobile apps or web browsers - to traditional application and backend servers. 

The new integration enables users to drill down from an application performance metrics view within the New Relic app into Logentries to see and analyze the matching log events that were generated as part of a specific transaction. Using the platform, users can achieve thorough, client-to-server visibility for quicker troubleshooting and analysis of app performance and behavior at key levels of the software stack.

Application Performance Management (APM) tools like New Relic allow companies to respond to end user complaints, and to track system latency and other key application metrics. With this data, users can often confirm if the application is running slowly and where they can optimize for better performance. 

Logentries offers APM users the opportunity to take their diagnostics, proactive monitoring, and problem resolution, and couple it with deep, log level view of system activity by transitioning from the New Relic dashboard into the Logentries cloud-based log management and analytics service. With this integration, New Relic users can see all of their relevant logs in a centralized location and perform analysis.

Logentries’ New Relic integration provides the ability to:

- Move from an APM level view to a system-wide, log level view with automated searches across New Relic and Logentries at the same time.

- Instantly trigger a Logentries search based on a new exception or other criteria defined within New Relic.

- Identify the relevant log events that occurred before and after the exception for quicker root-cause analysis.

The cloud-based Logentries service collects and pre-processes log events in real-time for on-demand analysis, alerting and visualization. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate security and performance issues with broader infrastructure activity including application usage, server metrics, and user behavior. 

Read more: http://newrelic.com/

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