8/19/2014 9:37:23 AM
Kony Offers New Packaged Mobile App Enterprise Platform
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Kony Offers New Packaged Mobile App Enterprise Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kony has launched a new packaged mobile enterprise platform called Kony MobileFabric. The platform packages a mobile application development platform (MADP), mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), Application Programming Interface (API) management, and platform as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructure under a single, open and standards-based mobile platform. 

Kony MobileFabric is available now and will be sold direct and through Kony’s channel partners. Kony is offering a free 90-day trial of the new platform to enterprises and prices the platform through a pricing model based on a per-user or per-session model. 

Additionally, Kony will extend its standard 30-day service level agreement offer to Kony MobileFabric. This means that as new OS platforms are updated – like Apple’s iOS 8 or Android L – that Kony will guarantee support within 30 days for all generally available releases.

The platform offers the following benefits:

- Faster Time to Market: Kony MobileFabric helps removes the complexity and effort spent integrating multiple technologies in a typical enterprise mobile development project, with pre-built back-end services for identity, integration, orchestration, messaging and location services. In addition, the platform provides offline sync capabilities, along with full platform as-a-service productivity through seamless elastic provisioning, monitoring and analytics. 

The cloud-based platform ensures there are no delays in setup with instant elastic provisioning of not just back-end services but also the full app platform environment. Since MobileFabric supports the many development languages with prebuilt SDKs, it also allows for fast productivity. 
- Low Total Cost of Ownership: Kony MobileFabric reduces total cost of ownership by offering a single mobile infrastructure that includes MADP, MBaaS and PaaS. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple solutions. In addition, Kony MobileFabric reduces up-front integration costs of linking multiple infrastructures, as well as potential savings in on-going maintenance and support through integrated management and monitoring of mobile infrastructures.

- Open Native and Multi-platform support: Kony MobileFabric integrates through open RESTful APIs with the mobile app development tools and frameworks that developers already know. This includes support via a set of downloadable SDKs for native iOS and Android, JavaScript and PhoneGap development.

- Write apps using the development tool of choice, such as JavaScript, PhoneGap, Android, and iOS SDKs.

- Integrate apps with critical line of business systems and third party web services.

- Add sophisticated capabilities like authentication, push notifications, and data synchronization.

- Access analytics about the runtime behavior of applications.

- Manage and monitor back-end services through an easy-to-use portal

Read more: http://www.kony.com/products/mbaas/trial

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