1/17/2019 1:05:30 PM
Kong Brain and Kong Immunity launches powered by AI and ML
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Kong Brain and Kong Immunity launches powered by AI and ML

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Artificial Intelligence Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Kong Enterprise Features to Help Automate Full API Development Lifecycle for Improved Efficiency and Security

Kong Inc. has launched Kong Brain and Kong Immunity for its Kong Enterprise API platform. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the new, advanced features will help automate the entire API and service development lifecycle from pre-production to post-production to provide organizations with an intelligent, end-to-end API solution. By automating processes including documentation, configuration, and traffic analysis, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity will help organizations improve efficiency, accuracy, and security.

Kong Brain leverages the latest in AI technology to automate API and service documentation by collecting data from a user's existing platform and auto-generating documentation based on the data, which is then pushed back into the Kong platform and auto-configured. In the case of any code changes, it auto-generates updated documentation and pushes it back into Kong, creating a continuous feedback loop. This enables users to improve documentation accuracy and save time during both development and production. With Kong Brain, users will also be able to easily map services and their endpoints to access a powerful visual representation of all traffic for deeper visibility into their organization's API and service health.

Meanwhile, Kong Immunity uses advanced machine learning to analyze traffic patterns to define normal traffic, train models to automatically detect any anomalies and then alerts the user of the anomalies. Kong Immunity helps organizations gain visibility into traffic and services behavior, quickly diagnose issues, and improve security by addressing any threats — internal and external — before they can proliferate.

Together, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity will offer organizations a powerful tool to help them better manage their APIs and services, including improved:

  • Efficiency — Kong Brain eliminates the need to manually check and update documentation, while Kong Immunity saves users time from manually reviewing logs for anomalies.
  • Reliability — Kong Brain reduces the likelihood of outages or delays due to inaccurate documentation by ensuring consistency in production.
  • Governance — Kong Brain helps organizations standardize documentation by ensuring all internal and external developers adhere to organizational policies around API and services development.
  • Security — Kong Immunity minimizes potential damage by proactively identifying issues and alerting users to traffic anomalies and concerns as they occur.

"With Kong Brain and Kong Immunity, we're reinventing the software industry as we know it today and paving a new path for AI-powered service development and lifecycle management," said Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Kong Inc. "By integrating AI and machine learning technology to automate the full API and service development lifecycle, we're taking the first steps to build a nervous system for the cloud as we drive towards our vision of delivering a powerful service control platform that intelligently brokers information across all of an organization

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