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1/9/2022 6:38:12 AM
Increase developer productivity in 2022
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Increase developer productivity in 2022

Developer Jobs

Increase developer productivity in 2022

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Patrick Jean, the CTO at OutSystems shares with us how to increase developer productivity in 2022, and why technology that allows their development teams to focus on innovation is key to success, and also how developers will demand development tools that are trusted against vulnerabilities.

Patrick Jean is the CTO at OutSystems, where he's focused on building a great engineering culture where motivated people are free to unleash their passion doing meaningful work. With more than 20 years of engineering leadership experience, he has led multiple high-stakes, cloud transformation initiatives at SaaS providers, blending customer focus, inspired development teams, and the latest technology stacks. Before OutSystems, Patrick held engineering leadership roles in the SaaS space. At Citrix, Patrick was VP of Unified Cloud Engineering building a SaaS cloud service delivery organization with a modern SRE and cloud platform engineering group. During his time at Citrix, he tripled the size of the Unified Cloud Engineering team through an aggressive transformation and growth program globally across 9 sites in 6 countries. Prior to Citrix, he served as VP of Engineering at Apttus, leading the cloud architecture and cloud platform buildout of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud.

Businesses will embrace development platforms to increase developer productivity:

With tech giants winning the race for scarce developer talent, businesses outside of the tech elite will embrace new ways to stay innovative and competitive with their own teams. Businesses are waking up to the realization that they need technology that works hard to allow their development teams to focus on creativity and innovation, instead of the tedious aspects of software development. This includes technology that handles the critical but undifferentiated tasks of development, constantly updates with the latest cloud technologies, automatically scales, and leverages containers and Kubernetes to make sure development teams deliver world-class application architectures, move fast to meet changing business needs, with low risk. All this while being unencumbered from toil, unnecessary maintenance, and technical debt drudgery.

Developers to demand a simpler, trustworthy security experience:

While most software developers aren’t security experts, they’re under increasing pressure to create programs that are free of vulnerabilities - particularly in light of the high-profile ransomware attacks of 2021. That heightened pressure can slow the development process considerably, and inhibit their ability to write creative and innovative programs as companies seek assurance that custom software development provides similar levels of security and compliance as SaaS. As a result, developers will demand development tools that are trusted to be constantly hardened against vulnerabilities and development platforms that provide security designed within the application technology stack and adapt as businesses and technologies evolve.

Increased focus on DEI initiatives for developer talent: Organizations, especially in technology, have been talking about diversity for years with varying degrees of success. In 2022, IT decision-makers will be held accountable to meet diversity, equity, and inclusion goals when it comes to developer talent. As developers are solving some of the world’s most complex problems, companies must examine hiring processes to improve the recruitment of diverse candidates in IT. OutSystems is committing this year to support the growth of developers from diverse communities into fields of software development alongside organizations like Women Who Code, Blacks in Technology Foundation, and the Australian Computer Society.

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