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4/28/2014 10:43:55 AM
HTML5, BYOD, Native or Hybrid, How Do App Developers Strategize, Plan, and Optimize for Mobile Enterprise Initiatives
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HTML5, BYOD, Native or Hybrid, How Do App Developers Strategize, Plan, and Optimize for Mobile Enterprise Initiatives


HTML5, BYOD, Native or Hybrid, How Do App Developers Strategize, Plan, and Optimize for Mobile Enterprise Initiatives

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

HTML5 is the future for enterprise apps. No wait, native code will never be replaced. You say end users will drive how companies approach mobile? Really? The truth is no one currently has a definitive answer as mobile continues to provide never before seen opportunities to engage with customers and employees. There are hundreds of questions and 10 different answers to each question. You need a playbook to figure it out. 

And now you have one with the Mobile Playbook from Aternity. While it’s not meant to provide all of the answers, it does give interesting industry insights to help better understand where mobile is heading. The free report provides real-world trends, insights, and use cases for strategizing, planning, and optimizing enterprise mobility initiatives.

For example, here are some compelling facts from the report:

Tablet growth increased 2.2-fold to 92 million in 2013
Global mobile data traffic grew 81% in 2013
Although fourth-generation (4G) connections represent only 2.9% of mobile connections, they generate 30% of mobile data traffic
In 2013, mobile data traffic per tablet was 1,374 MB per month, compared to 529MB per month per smartphone
40% of employees rely on mobile devices every day during the workweek, with 37% of employees using their mobile devices to work for more than 60 minutes a day

Every developer needs to understand the unbalance mobile is generating worldwide as the lines of communication blur and how internal/external influences will affect every aspect of app development.

To read the full report click here.

The report is sponsored by Aternity which provides end user experience monitoring for any application, on any device and for any user. Aternity offers the industry’s first tag-free mobile Application Performance Management (mAPM) platform, enabling developers  to instrument their  apps for diagnostics and business analytics. 

Aternity also sponsors the EndUserExperience2Day forum which offers the latest IT trends and technologies focused on end user experience management and mobile application performance management (mAPM). The purpose of the site is to provide readers with fresh and relevant content about end user experience management and monitoring by promoting the industry as a whole and highlighting relevant blogs, articles, and bylines. The site also publishes a daily newsletter providing subscribers with the latest trending stories on enterprise mobility, big data, desktop virtualization, cloud computing, and more.

Read more: http://www.aternity.com/the-mobile-playbook-adm/?u...

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