1. How to Use Personalized Push Notifications to Drive App Usage and Conversions
12/24/2014 10:00:37 AM
How to Use Personalized Push Notifications to Drive App Usage and Conversions
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How to Use Personalized Push Notifications to Drive App Usage and Conversions

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How to Use Personalized Push Notifications to Drive App Usage and Conversions

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

The holiday season is now upon us and all those shiny new devices will soon be unwrapped and activated. You’ve updated your app and are ready for the potential onslaught of new users and those that will revisit your app, now that they have a new device.

But are you truly ready? If you’re trying to grow a mobile app, getting new users to download your app isn't enough - you must keep them engaged – and push notifications are one of the key ways to drive usage and conversions. But sending a “one size fits all” push message to all of your users won't work anymore. There is enough noise in their lives and if you don’t engage in a personal way with your users, you’ll soon find them tuning you out and even worse, deleting your app!

As Localytics points out in their free workbook titled “Formulas for Personalized Push Notifications,” only 15% of users convert after clicking on a broadcast message. However that number jumps to 54% of users converting after clicking on a segmented push message tailored to the users’ individual interests. 

So imagine if you could easily send notifications to people based on their unique interests, actions they took in your app, their birthday, gender, or last purchase? You have a goldmine of information and using that information through personalization is not as hard as you think, once you understand how to analyze and utilize this data about your users.

The workbook provides a blueprint on how to get started, offering segmentation formulas and fill-in-the-blank push messages so you can get ideas for how to target your users and send them messages they’ll care about. And yes, your app is unique, so even if none of the examples apply directly to you, you can still learn how to start a personalization.

Among other things, the workbook explains how to hyper-target users using app analytics based on in-app and outside-app information. It provides example user segmentation formulas for eCommerce, Media, Travel apps and more. The publication also shows how to create push messages mad-lib style with fill-in-the-blank examples.

The free workbook is available for download on the Localytics website. Yes the holidays are here, but there is still time to formulate a push notification strategy based on your individual users.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/formulas-for-personaliz...

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