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1/26/2016 10:52:30 AM
Hazelcast 3.6 Provides Open Source Support for InMemory Computing
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Hazelcast 3.6 Provides Open Source Support for InMemory Computing


Hazelcast 3.6 Provides Open Source Support for InMemory Computing

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Hazelcast, a provider of in-memory data grids and large-scale enterprise caching, has released Hazelcast 3.6 - an operational in-memory computing solution - which offers a platform for serving mobile devices with server-side applications.

Among the updates to Hazelcast 3.6 are new cloud management and container deployment options to set-up, configure and manage cloud or hybrid on-premise deployments. There is also a new Hot Restart Store which offers high-performance persistence.

The new cloud management features make it possible to facilitate any combination of cloud, on-premises, and private cloud applications. The Hot Restart Store makes sure applications are continuously up and running and can execute a complete application restart within a minute for a 1TB data size.  

The open binary client protocol, along with open source supported smart clients for .Net, C++ and Java, makes it possible to leverage any existing application for webscale deployment (as well as supporting any mobile device environment). Hazelcast 3.6 also offers a complete memory management platform for large scale mobile and ecommerce applications.

Highlights of the release include:

- Numerous performance improvements for performance verified with published benchmark suites.

- New Hot Restart Store adds persistence with write performance of 310,000 writes per second per node and restart times of 7 seconds per 1.3GB per node (with parallel load across nodes).

- High-Density Memory Store (HDMS) is extended to include JCache, Map, Hibernate and Web Sessions data structures to allow the creation of huge caches with hundreds of GBs per node.  

- Hazelcast Cloud Discovery Service Provider Interface (SPI) enables cloud-based or on-premise nodes to auto-discover each other with minimum configuration and management set-up. 3.6 comes with a multitude of providers including Kubernetes, Apache JClouds, Consul, as well as a new AWS provider.

- Cloud enhancements include new container deployment options for Docker, and support for Kubernetes, JClouds, Consul, CloudFoundry and OpenShift PaaS.

- Expanded High-Density Memory Store (HDMS) capabilities for JCache, Map, Hibernate and Web Sessions data structures enabling memory caches for the largest scale-out or scale-up of application deployments. HDMS enables each node to hold very large amounts of data, 100s of GBs per node, without incurring garbage collection overhead, as well as allowing applications to Near Cache hundreds of GBs of data at a time.

- The availability of a new Open Binary Client Protocol offers further support of community development of new clients including Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Scala and Clojure which are all available as open source. Additionally, Hazelcast’s native clients for C++ and .NET are now open source giving developers more tools for new client API development.

Read more: https://hazelcast.com/products/

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