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5/25/2017 10:33:48 AM
Glitch for Platforms launches to help Glitch developers
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Glitch for Platforms launches to help Glitch developers


Glitch for Platforms launches to help Glitch developers

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Developer Relations tools platform, Glitch, that helps teams ensure productivity released by Fog Creek Software.

Fog Creek Software has launched Glitch for Platforms, a collection of tools that helps Developer Relations teams.

Glitch for Platforms allows Developer Relations teams to leverage the power of Glitch and provide sample apps to kickstart developers building on top of their APIs. There is a range of free and paid-for tools, which they can use to create unlimited sample projects, allow people to import GitHub repos, and embed a 'Remix on Glitch' button in their documentation. Users can even create apps with automatically populated customer API keys so that developers can instantly begin working with a real app that uses their own data, cutting the all important Time to Hello World (TtHW) metric from minutes or hours to seconds.

“There’s a huge bug in the way we do developer relations,” says Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek Software. “If we compare it to the hyper-optimized customer funnels used on e-commerce sites, the current tools we use for acquiring and working with platform developers are downright absurd.”

Without dedicated tooling, Developer Relations teams have to struggle to measure the impact of many of their efforts, limiting investment. This is at odds with the wider trends in spending on software development and recruiting developers. That's why a key part of Glitch for Platforms are advanced analytics, which teams can use to show the impact of their efforts. The tools also include Glitch Help - the ability for developers to get help in real-time, so members of the developer relations team can jump into a project when a prospect is stuck and help them directly.

"It’s not just the biggest companies or platforms that need this stuff. We’re seeing teams of all sizes make great use of Glitch for Platforms as we’ve been previewing the features" adds Dash.

Read more: https://glitch.com

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