1. Futureproof lowcode development is here
5/23/2018 7:15:33 AM
Futureproof lowcode development is here
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Futureproof lowcode development is here

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Futureproof lowcode development is here

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Low Code No Code Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Low-code development platform, AgilePoint NX, is helping developers true-proof their applications to extend the app life-cycle.

AgilePoint NX is a low-code development platform that is helping both developers and “citizen programmers” to implement and deploy cross-functional/cross-organizational business apps into digital processes across multiple environments and cloud platforms.

AgilePoint NX allows organizations to extend functionality via industry standard technologies, such as HTML5/JavaScript and/or Microsoft’s .NET framework. This extensibility support allows organizations to modernize their existing IT assets for strategic reuse in AgilePoint NX as future-proof low-code building blocks.

This capability of true future-proofing is helping deliver sustained digital transformation as it enables and extends the lifecycle of an app to align with the lifecycle of a business as it dynamically adapts and responds to emerging technologies. The ability to tie together functionality from a multitude of other platforms without the need to rebuild is what distinguishes Low-Code development and makes the AgilePoint platform truly future-proof and portable.

“AgilePoint NX has the capability for true future-proofing an organization’s move towards digital transformation. It facilitates a build-once, use-many times approach to app development. The build-once concept dramatically simplifies the development and maintenance of an organization’s business app portfolio and makes scaling across any enterprise feasible,” said Jesse Shiah, AgilePoint CEO.