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6/6/2013 8:12:16 AM
Fortumo Announces Support for Marmalade SDK
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Fortumo Announces Support for Marmalade SDK


Fortumo Announces Support for Marmalade SDK

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Marmalade - the award-winning cross-platform development tool - and Fortumo, the developer-friendly mobile payments provider, today announced that Fortumo has been seamlessly integrated with the Marmalade SDK to enable developers easy access to in-app purchasing in 80 countries. 

This partnership will enable Marmalade's developers to easily add in-app purchasing to all their Android titles. Fortumo's in-app purchasing technology has become the preferred choice for thousands of developers looking to integrate mobile operator billing and in-app purchasing on Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, and online and credit card billing on NOOK. 

Fortumo's SDK is also the official in-app purchasing solution for Barnes & Noble's NOOK Store, where Marmalade developers can now more easily earn money from their freemium apps. 

"Our developers are always looking for the most effective ways to monetise their apps for mobile and tablet devices." said Tim Closs, CTO of Marmalade. He continued: "At Marmalade we aim to give our community the greatest possible choice for how they develop content and generate revenue. With the integration of Fortumo’s services into our SDK, we're continuing our commitment to our developers and opening up even more opportunities for them to succeed".

"Developers use Marmalade to deploy apps easily across multiple platforms; in the same way, they want easy access to billing capabilities across every country and app store. Fortumo's in-app purchasing is unique because with one integration developers can make money in any Android app store" added Martin Koppel, COO of Fortumo.

"Enthusiasm towards in-app purchasing from the NOOK developer community has been outstanding. We are excited about the partnership between Fortumo and Marmalade as it reduces the effort for developers to bring new and exciting digital content into NOOK Apps while helping them increase their revenue," said Claudia Romanini, Vice President of NOOK Apps, NOOK Media LLC.

Fortumo's in-app purchasing uses mobile operator billing, which works for any mobile user in 80 countries. This is especially useful in emerging markets where many more people have mobile phones than have credit cards. Using Fortumo, some app developers have increased their conversion and revenues by more than 10 times.

To download a free evaluation of the Marmalade SDK, visit: http://www.madewithmarmalade.com/.

To add Fortumo's payments to your Marmalade app, please visit: https://github.com/marmalade/Fortumo

Read more: http://www.madewithmarmalade.com

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