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Fillr reaches 100 million monthly active users
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Fillr reaches 100 million monthly active users

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in SDK Thursday, August 10, 2017

Autofill as a Service platform Fillr announces that they have reached a monthly active user rate of over 100 million.

Fillr has announced that its mobile Autofill as a Service platform now reaches 100 million monthly active users worldwide. Providing one-click, accurate, and secure autofill for checkout forms, the Fillr Autofill as a Service (FAaaS) platform helps mobile digital commerce businesses take advantage of the exploding growth in mobile commerce, which claims 90 percent of mobile app usage worldwide. The FAaaS platform delivers seamless user checkout experiences, effectively preventing  revenue lost from cart abandonment, estimated at $4.6 trillion in 2016 and increasing conversion rates.

“Conversion rates, especially on mobile, are terrible,” said Chris Koch, CEO and co-founder, Fillr. “The  industry is striving to quickly catch up with consumers’ mobile-first approach to shopping and demand for a better transaction experience. Fillr built the most intelligent autofill technology to help not only mobile and social businesses, but also digital organizations as a whole to realize digital commerce opportunities. Our live, side-by-side research, shows that when using Fillr, mobile commerce conversions increase at a rate that is 2.2 greater than shoppers who are not using Fillr.”

Fillr’s Intelligent Autofill utilizes more than two thousand form-mapping expressions, resulting in accuracy that is almost twice that of Google and Apple’s autofill. The company’s Advanced Textual Heuristics reads forms as close to human representation as possible, drawn from algorithms developed from analyzing hundreds of thousands of forms.

Fillr works on all forms, from shopping purchase transactions to forms that do not involve payments, including contest submissions, job applications, and subscriptions. In the coming months, the company expects to extend the FAaaS platform to support targeted advertising and transactions on in-message apps. It also is developing new features for voice search and Internet of Things devices, very few of which will have a fully functional qwerty keyboard, making data entry extremely difficult.

Key features:

- Speed and accuracy: Fillr delivers "95 percent accuracy" across top e-retailers, compared with Chrome and Safari’s 53 percent accuracy

- Data analytics: provides aggregated data on user gender, age, geography and payment platform, and on form specifics such as number of fields on the form and number of fields entered/edited by the user

- Security: User data is encrypted on the user’s device using 256-bit AES encryption

- Multi-lingual autofill: supports a growing list of languages, including English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean and Japanese

- Customizable UI & UX: The platform can be customized to integrate seamlessly with existing UX of applications. The default UI is based on Android and iOS native design standards and can be easily adapted to house styles and brand guidelines

- Cross-platform compatibility:
The Fillr SDK is embedded into browsers, in-app browsers of mobile social apps, metasearch engines and comparison shopping engines. The fully compiled SDK can be as small as 1.2 Mb and up to 2.4Mb, and can be integrated into a WebView within Android or iOS apps for both mobile and tablet

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