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1/16/2023 11:27:15 AM
Efficient modernization will increase in 2023
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Efficient modernization will increase in 2023

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Efficient modernization will increase in 2023

Monday, January 16, 2023

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Leif Astrand shares his 2023 predictions about efficient modernization approaches, how developers can increase their impact on businesses, the growing shortage of developers, hiring challenges, and why to use tools that increase speed and are easier to build UX instead of rewriting back-end code.

Leif Astrand covers 2023 predictions from Vaadin and discusses why efficient modernization will increase, how to build UX without rewriting backend code, the shortage of developers, and much more.

Efficient modernization will increase in 2023

As cloud migration continues, application developers are increasingly being asked to modernize existing Java applications. With a growing global shortage of developers and ongoing hiring challenges, the focus on efficient modernization will increase in 2023. Organizations can’t afford to rewrite all of their existing business logic and back-end services that often extend to many millions of lines of code. As a result, developers will turn to tools that make it faster and easier to build a modern and efficient UX without rewriting backend code. This efficient modernization approach will enable developers to have a bigger impact on their businesses.

Leif Astrand

Leif Astrand is VP of R&D at Vaadin, the modern web app development platform for Java. Leif keeps a bird's eye view of the various technical products that make up the Vaadin platform. 'Shaping the future' is what Leif describes as the most exciting aspect of his job, managing the creation of brand-new tools that will be used by gazillions of developers worldwide.

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