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5/2/2016 12:07:26 PM
EdgeConneX Offers AWS Direct Connect for Portland Edge Data Center
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EdgeConneX Offers AWS Direct Connect for Portland Edge Data Center

Cloud Services

EdgeConneX Offers AWS Direct Connect for Portland Edge Data Center

Monday, May 2, 2016

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

EdgeConneX has announced the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect in its Portland Edge Data Center. With AWS Direct Connect, companies in the Pacific Northwest can connect their IT infrastructure directly to Amazon Web Services, establishing a private connection to the cloud. The announcement marks the first metro offering for AWS Direct Connect in Portland and the first AWS deployment for EdgeConneX.

This solution enables direct network links within EdgeConneX’s data center, or alternatively, companies can procure transport or fiber services from one of the local network service providers to gain access to AWS Direct Connect from off-site locations. This enables a secure and dedicated connection to the variety of services offered by AWS, all bypassing the public internet.

AWS Direct Connect links an internal network to the EdgeConneX AWS Direct Connect deployment over a direct point-to-point connection. It is a network service, and works with all the same AWS services that are accessible over the public internet. Once connected into AWS Direct Connect, companies can create virtual interfaces directly to the AWS cloud, gaining access to many of the services offered by AWS, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and to your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The EdgeConneX Portland EDC is part of the Edge Data Center network that offer proximity-based, strategically locations nearest to the end-user’s point of access to reduce network latency and optimize performance. 

Benefits of the Edge Data Center’s include:

- Strategic proximity to cable, ILEC and cellular networks in markets across the United States.

- Optimally sized colocation facilities are built near key network and cable operator locations, and are uniquely designed according to their input and specifications.

- Business model offers innovative pricing with predictable economics and a direct correlation to cost.

- Project management team partners with network and cable operators to identify the most relevant and appropriate Edge Data Center sites, allowing instant delivery of bandwidth-intensive applications such as OTT and on-demand video.

- High-value digital content is monetized by optimizing delivery and distribution, while enabling digital experiences that ensure the highest audience retention and new customer adoption.

- Costs are reduced by offloading backbone traffic, mitigating performance-related outages and eliminating complex routing policies.

- Core network infrastructure is simplified and expensive infrastructure build-outs are avoided.

Data center specifics include:

- Space: The typical Edge Data Center is between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet of raised floor, providing space for tenant racks and cages. CRACs and PDUs are located in separate suites, maximizing our customer-designated areas.

- Security: Multi-stage security containment systems are implemented that use biometrics, PIN and keycard access, mantraps and strictly enforced protocols regarding entry access. Color CCTV/video surveillance and video storage are standard.

- Power: The sites offer a power density up to 300 watts per square foot. Generators are concurrently maintainable, with onsite fuel reservoirs and redundant preferred refueling contracts. Power feeds are diverse A/B feeds with redundant PDU distribution. UPS AC power is also fully redundant with bypass switch and surge protection. Flexible power configurations and metered power options are standard.

- Cooling: Temperature and humidity are controlled and managed to industry standards and N+1 is provided across all environmental control systems.

- Monitoring: All sites operate 24/7, following standard procedures for problem escalation, and report to a national network operations center with full environmental monitoring and reporting systems.

- Network: Building POEs are diverse, with a variety of fiber conduits to multiple fiber network providers. Secure fiber vaults are located in close proximity to customers for convenient access

- Fire Suppression: Pre-action, dry-pipe zoned sprinkler systems are used with maintenance aisles zoned in separate suites.

- Optional Services: Company options include Remote Hands for break fixes, configuration and troubleshooting. Additionally, EdgeConneX can design, build, implement and maintain equipment.

Read more: http://www.edgeconnex.com/services/edge-data-cente...

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