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9/16/2014 1:35:04 PM
eBay Opens Channels for App Marketing and Monetization
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eBay Opens Channels for App Marketing and Monetization

Marketing & Promotion

eBay Opens Channels for App Marketing and Monetization

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

eBay is unleashing its reach through its customer base and its ongoing relationship with customers to offer a new eBay mobile advertising option which will offer a native ad experience that is integrated into the eBay app.

eBay says that its new eBay Audience Platform delivers high-performance audience targeting through three key components: first-party audience data at scale, world-class data science, and brand-safe ad inventory.

eBay says that, “Our data on consumer shopping and purchase behavior gives us enormous insight into user interests and intent. It’s all based on nearly 60 million unique visitors, giving you de-duped, cross-channel access to an extremely high-quality audience at scale — one-quarter of all Internet users. Our platform processes 1 terabyte of our first-party commerce data in-real time, providing you unparalleled scale, granularity, and freshness for any audience segment you’re interested in. eBay Audience Platform helps deliver your message to your desired audience without waste.”

eBay has also launched a new Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform, which is an omnichannel demand-generation suite which includes a mix of planning, management and analytical tools, fully integrated with demand-generation solutions. The eBay Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform will provide the ability to: 

- Optimize offers and spend across all channels

- Act on precise knowledge of the value and timing of each step of the customer journey

- Harness first-party insights from eBay

eBay’s Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform offers a Customer Engagement Engine to provide the ability to design and deploy personalized content for email, SMS, landing pages and websites and make decisions with analytics and business intelligence and tools.

The Customer Engagement Engine is made up of the following:

Loyalty Engine: Reward the best customers with personalized offers that keep them coming back. Generate a dialogue with shoppers that provides feedback on prior behaviors for continually optimized campaigns, to increase revenue and improve margins.

Audience Insights Engine: Provides the ability to combine, aggregate, and analyze a company’s own customers and third party data with eBay’s first-party commerce insights, to attract existing customers and highly targeted new audiences.

Social Engine: Analyze customer behavior to generate individualized dialogue with consumers across social media. Target shopping cart abandoners with social media display ads on any tablet, mobile or iOS device, and enjoy interactive dialogue with customers.

Attribution Engine: Optimize the media spend every day with performance data from eBay’s attribution platform. This unique optimization solution applies proven analytical models and highly actionable insights to enhance the value of a media plan, throughout the life of a campaign.

Display Engine: Combining in-house customer data with first-party commerce insights, the Display Engine grows business with personalized display advertising to consumers throughout their shopping experience, and across the entire customer lifecycle. 

Read more: http://cc.ebay.com/

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