1. Dynamsoft Releases New Barcode Reader SDK
6/28/2015 10:09:29 AM
Dynamsoft Releases New Barcode Reader SDK
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Dynamsoft Releases New Barcode Reader SDK

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dynamsoft has released the latest version of its Barcode Reader software development kit (SDK) to add support for decoding barcodes from GIF images in addition to already having support for BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF images. Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK allows developers to embed barcode decoding functionality in their web or desktop applications.

The company has also optimized the decoding algorithm for reading code128 barcode types. These upgrades allows Dynamsoft to broaden application reach for Barcode Reader 2.1. Code128 barcodes are amongst the most popular used because they are very high density. This allows use of the 128 ASCII character set which enables a broad range of characters for storage of diversified information.

Other recent updates to Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK include offering the SDK as an independent product. It previously only worked as an add-on to other Dynamsoft image capture SDKs. In addition support for reading many other barcode types was recently added: code39,code128, code93, Codabar, ITF, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, and more.

Two editions of the Barcode Reader 2.1 SDK will be available, including one for Windows and one for Mac. The Windows Edition provides C, C++, ActiveX / COM and .NET application programming interfaces (API). The Mac Edition provides C and C++ APIs. Once the SDK is integrated in an application users can decode barcodes from various image file formats. This includes from device-independent bitmap (DIB) formats, which can be obtained from cameras or 

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