1. Developer ecosystem insights for Q2 2019 report
11/18/2019 10:50:51 AM
Developer ecosystem insights for Q2 2019 report
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Developer ecosystem insights for Q2 2019 report

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner in Programming Monday, November 18, 2019

The new developer ecosystem insights report highlights responses from 19,000+ software developers of all profiles.

The data from the Developer Economics survey give all the answers in the recently published State of the Developer Nation Q2 2019 report, which - as always-  is now available for free download!

What’s new in the developer ecosystem? 

The report highlights the latest insights from the developer ecosystem, based on responses from 19,000+ software developers of all profiles: professionals, hobbyists, and students, working across all major areas: mobile, web, desktop, cloud, IoT, AR/VR, games, machine learning & data science. It focuses on 6 themes:

  • Developer psychographics: how do developers perceive themselves? 37% see themselves as introverts and only 4% describe themselves as being able to make a killer cocktail.
  • Programming language communities: Is JavaScript getting comfortable on its throne? Updated estimates of the number of active software developers using each of the major programming languages
  • Emerging Technologies: What turns interested into adoption?
  • Game Streaming: Developing for live-streaming. Are we there yet?
  • Third-party platforms and ecosystems: App developers are unlikely to work solely on one third party platforms. 
  • Mobile cross-platforms frameworks: Mobile development has matured enough to embrace cross-platform frameworks, allowing building apps that can run on multiple platforms.

Read more: https://developereconomics.com/resources/reports/