1. Datawise.io Developing Network and Storage Solutions for Linux Containers
11/10/2015 1:02:52 PM
Datawise.io Developing Network and Storage Solutions for Linux Containers
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Datawise.io Developing Network and Storage Solutions for Linux Containers

Datawise.io Developing Network and Storage Solutions for Linux Containers

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Datawise.io is a startup that is developing network and storage solutions for Linux containers to scale cloud-native applications. The company has recently announced that it has been working with the Kubernetes open source community to offer new capabilities and extensions for I/O resource scheduling and configuration across a container cluster. 

Datawise.io’s contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem provide a vendor-agnostic means for developers to access data services on demand using their existing Docker images. Developers can describe network and storage requirement when building an application using the Kubernetes pod specification. The syntax and APIs are vendor agnostic, enabling developers to work with the network and storage providers that deliver the best capabilities to meet their needs. 

Datawise.io’s contributions also enable administrators to access a standards-based platform for deploying cloud-native data tiers. As soon as the administrator is ready to deploy the application with Kubernetes, the Kubernetes scheduler invokes Datawise.io extensions, selecting the right location for each workload in the cluster. As Kubernetes deploys pods on individual nodes, the node-level extension is called for “last mile” configuration, ensuring the developer’s network and storage requirements are met. All of this happens automatically without code changes, tweaking, or customizations.

To demonstrate the platform’s capabilities Datawise.io has created “Project 6”, an early demonstration of its container cluster management software including extensions to Kubernetes, which are being up-streamed via community contributions including scheduler extension, FlexVolume, and anti-affinity scheduling. Project 6 integrates Docker and Kubernetes with additional capabilities into a solution that helps pack applications onto the same environment with:

- Ecosystem Compatible Cluster Management
- Simplified Networking
- Persistent and Temporary Storage
- Dynamic Scheduling

A preview of Project 6 is available using VirtualBox and Vagrant via GitHub. Those who would like to install the software in a different environment, or bare-metal servers can do so at this link.

Read more: http://www.datawise.io/

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