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1/20/2018 7:15:06 PM
Creating multilingual apps with GitHub and Crowdin
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Creating multilingual apps with GitHub and Crowdin


Creating multilingual apps with GitHub and Crowdin

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Khrystyna Humenna Khrystyna Humenna

Learn more about Crowdin as a localization management tool that integrates with your GitHub repository.

For millions of developers, GitHub is a perfect place to share code, build software, and grow businesses. This fall GitHub opened a Marketplace where you can find the right tools to add to your workflow and get the job done. To extend your app's reach, there’s a tool like Crowdin, a localization management tool that easily integrates with your repository, so you can localize and translate your app continuously from GitHub.

Localization is an important step in making your app perfectly suitable for the international market

Whether your app is already successful in several countries or you just created a GitHub repository, now is the right time to add localization to your workflow. Why is it so important? Because if you plan on expanding your app's reach or want to make more loyal customers it's a great idea to adapt your product or content to a specific market or locale you're targeting. So, we understand that localization means not only translating your app, but also adjusting it to different national peculiarities (currency, right-to-left or left-to-right, cultural differences, and more).

Localization management platform is what you need for seamless localization

Localizing your mobile, web, desktop app, and more there are many things to keep in mind, which might get quite frustrating. That is why it is necessary to choose a localization management platform that will take care of all this for you, for example:

- the same words in different languages might be of different length, which means some long words (like in German) might break your app's ui.

With Crowdin you’ll be able to set a minimum character limit for each text string.

- the same word in one language might have several meanings and translators would require context.

With Crowdin every translator can discuss translations in the comment section and you can add different kinds of context like the app’s screenshots, term definitions, and more.

- adding one button to the app might take several minutes, but translating it into several languages and talking to all the translators might take much longer.

With Crowdin the new strings are instantly added to your localization project on the platform and several translators can simultaneously translate them.

- the app, the store description, marketing materials, website, and more should be handled quite differently due to different file formats, term consistency, the frequency of updates, the time it takes to translate them, and more.

With Crowdin you can set up additional integrations with the systems you need, create glossaries for terms, and instantly synchronize source and translated strings.

Crowdin automates the file synchronization with your GitHub repository

Crowdin - is a smart tool that provides a high-powered workflow for all the team members: developers, translators, and managers. Crowdin is trusted by over 1 000 000 users all over the world. The main reason why they choose Crowdin is that with this tool it is easy to get the product ready for a release in different locales at the same time and focus mainly on development.

The source and translated files are synchronized between Crowdin and GitHub via webhooks, so data exchange is nearly instant. Developers just continue working on the development and forget about any manual file downloads and spending their time writing automation scripts. An important advantage of this process is the ability to select specific version branches in your repository for translation. It's a nice opportunity to speed up the development process and provide translators with latest texts for translation. There is also no need to spend time adding translations to the repositories, as it happens automatically as a pull request.

With GitHub and Crowdin integration you can create a multilingual product in few simple steps and deliver your app to the international market before your competitors do. To learn more about Crowdin, choose the best suitable plan or start a free 14-day trial visit GitHub Marketplace.

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