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10/2/2018 1:47:20 PM
Collaboration tools and why big names are so successful utilizing them
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Collaboration tools and why big names are so successful utilizing them


Collaboration tools and why big names are so successful utilizing them

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Collaboration and visual project management tools like monday.com are providing big-name companies a superior way to unlock their true productivity potential.

Developers are notoriously bad at working together, so how is it that the big software brand names seem to make it all look so easy? From a freelancer to an enterprise software developer, utilizing a quality set of visual project management and collaboration tools is the name of the game in today’s industry. Big companies like Wix are using platforms like monday.com in order to provide their clients, developer teams, and project managers a common place to share information, progress, and requirements.

Team collaboration is about transparency

Project management can be difficult without proper lines of communication established between all of the different moving parts. That’s where collaboration tools really shine with their ability to democratize the project management process and give each member a stronger sense of belonging and purpose in a project that is often lacking. It is about providing the necessary information on who is doing what, when, and why. It’s the kind of transparency that teams are developed around and that’s why current methodologies often recommend that teams and shareholders use tools to visualize project goals and communicate in a structured setting.

Speeding up software delivery

Software for project management has gone a long way since its inception back in the late 80s and early 90s when personal computers were first becoming a thing. Aimed at speeding up the development and delivery of products, management processes have slowly evolved to where it is today, in a sort of Darwinistic natural selection atmosphere. The family of Agile methodologies that are commonly known today are a direct byproduct from the previous generations of management methodologies. But in order to compete with a strongly implemented Agile management strategy, it takes a tool belt of collaboration and visual project management tools. It’s a core technology that developers must utilize in order to squeeze out as much productivity as they can in a couple of different key ways.

Without software like monday.com’s collaboration platform, developers can become easily lost in the minutia of a project. It leads directly to a break down of the team unity and leaves team members without having a mental construct of what the overall project looks like and how they are playing a part in the development process. Making a developer create a service that he/she knows nothing about how it will be used, means that inevitable bugs will arise in the work that will take precious time and resources to repair. This is simply just a waste that can be avoided, and that is why good collaboration technologies and Agile methodologies are incredibly powerful.

Project calendar and task deadlines

If you are anything like me, time seems to fly by when I’m working on a project as important due dates quickly approach without going noticed. And I’m sure that many other people are like that, so finding a platform that lets a team set dates for when tasks are due, notify everyone when important milestones are met, and give project managers a metric to see how long tasks took, can provide a lot of value for a team.

Today’s products like monday.com provide advanced time management features for teams to digest everything that is going on at a glance. It’s another way that good collaboration software keeps everyone on the same page and invested in the project they are developing.

Conflict resolution

It’s unfortunate, but conflicts can often arise among members in a team that often eat up precious daylight. Having a digital archive that can keep track of each user’s tasks as they are completed in real time can make conflict resolution a much easier process than the typical he said/she said that it too often devolves into.


As the saying goes, a craftsman is only as good as his tools. And that's why quality tools for visual project management and collaboration can provide an incalculable amount of value to a team. It's these technologies that can be easily under-appreciated, but when used properly across a project team, it can give its users the ability to unlock a new level of productivity.

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