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9/18/2014 2:00:42 PM
Cloud Based App Development: A Strategy to Build Better Apps
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Cloud Based App Development: A Strategy to Build Better Apps


Cloud Based App Development: A Strategy to Build Better Apps

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ramanathan Ramakrishnamurthy Ramanathan Ramakrishnamurthy

Cloud computing has influenced the way in which many apps are being developed. During the time the term cloud computing was still new to many, web applications were already making use of its capabilities and services and now cloud services have penetrated deep into different industries, especially mobile application development. What has made cloud computing so popular with mobile application developers?

Time Savings

Time constraints are on of the most problematic factors when it comes to development. Developers working on applications can save time using cloud services for the build and testing process as they serve as a highly resourceful environment which holds the necessary software and tools online from the start till the end of the development process. It helps in cutting the time wasted on deployment of the hardware or software. This time saving factor helps developers to test more of app’s functionalities and improve on interfaces without dealing with delays.


Developers can find the necessary testing tools on the cloud at any time and from any location. This on demand availability relieves developers from maintaining a separate testing environment and provides the space and time to concentrate on the testing process. Moreover, developers can make use of different software tools and choose between different testing scenarios to test the versatility and compatibility of the apps they develop.

Network Solutions

The need for a secured network for organizations is increasing as most companies require a platform through which they can interact, work and collaborate from different locations. Cloud services can facilitate this allowing organizations to host their data and maintain their IT infrastructure on the cloud helping in reducing the IT cost. Developing apps on cloud facilitates sharing, prototyping and testing on a secured network in which fellow technicians from remote locations can have a say, interact or discuss on the product’s outcome. 

App Hosting on Cloud

Most of the utility apps these days are internet connectivity dependent. These applications require a streamlined and uninterrupted hosting solution to provide users a great app using experience. Hosting such apps on cloud will take care of all the complexities in maintaining a separate server for the back-end processing and data processing which includes file storage and retrieval, mobile analytics, user identity management, real-time processing of streaming data and much more.

Tools That Help in Automation

Apart from the availability of software and tools for development and testing mobile apps, the cloud also holds a plethora of platforms which can automate certain processes of app development. There are platforms which are especially designed for those who have relatively less coding knowledge compared to professional developers. These platforms automate the development process demanding less coding and more of design oriented customization from the developer’s side. Small businesses which have limited capital to create their own applications can make use of these platforms to save on development costs. Moreover, cross-platform applications can also be created with these tools.

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