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1/17/2022 3:05:18 PM
Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions
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Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions

Cloud Services

Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions

Monday, January 17, 2022

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Tobias Knaup, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at D2iQ shares his Cloud and Edge computing 2022 predictions about the marriage of Cloud and Edge, the evolving security threats, the maturation of Kubernetes, how Kubernetes will go mainstream in 2022, and a lot more.

Tobi Knaup is the CEO & Co-Founder at D2iQ, an independent Kubernetes company that 30% of the Fortune 50 companies and the U.S. Department of Defense rely on for their most mission-critical apps. Knaup shares his 2022 predictions about the shifting cloud landscape.

The marriage of Cloud and Edge: 

While both edge and cloud computing has been the subject of prediction discussions for years, we can expect to see a marriage between the two technologies driving better decision-making and operational efficiency in 2022. Organizations will marry the real-time capabilities of edge with the limitless scale and endless storage in the cloud. Accelerated digital transformations have led to more distributed IT infrastructures, requiring further support at the edge, while the computing power of the cloud is needed to advance artificial intelligence and machine learning. Combining both cloud computing and edge computing enables organizations to more quickly adjust and execute strategies in response to market and competitive changes. Having real-time data from the edge as well as the historical data from the cloud will enable more intelligent decision-making and more seamless operations. 

Security Threats Are Evolving, So Are We: 

The pandemic pushed us further into the cloud, which has made us more reliant on microservices and containers. However, the rapid proliferation of micro services has outpaced the cyber security capabilities of most organizations. In an effort to improve cloud-native cyber security practices, organizations will begin to embed security from the very beginning of the development process, ensuring microservice remain secure wherever they are deployed. As organizations become more agile, putting forth a DevSecOps approach from the start ensures microservices are adequately secured.

2022 Will See the Maturation of Kubernetes: 

Following the rapid move to the cloud and years of proven ROI in smaller-scale projects,  Kubernetes will go mainstream in 2022. Kubernetes will take a vital role in the enterprise platform tech stack, as new use cases such as edge computing and IoT become more broadly adopted. Organizations are scaling and expanding Kubernetes deployments to meet emerging business needs while driving innovation. DIY internal technology platforms are migrating to Kubernetes as a service as organizations move from deployments to production environments. Growing Kubernetes adoption will also place more stress on developers and architects. For instance, our annual survey of developers and IT leaders found that 23% of developers feel burnt out from working with Kubernetes. The right technology and training will be required to effectively manage production-scale Kubernetes workloads. Investments in infrastructure, training, and resources will increase to combat the burnout rates to ensure organizations realize the full potential and the impact of Kubernetes. Without the right technology and expertise in place, complexity challenges will kill Kubernetes deployments in Day 2 production environments.

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