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5/3/2023 12:01:49 PM
ChatGPT and generative AI to transform medical companies
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ChatGPT and generative AI to transform medical companies

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT and generative AI to transform medical companies

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The findings are in from Huma.AI’s recent study on Generative AI and how it can be used in medical companies. Most medical leaders believe ChatGPT technology is the wave of the future and over 86% of Medical Affairs leaders agreed that Generative AI can be applied at Life Science companies.

Huma.AI released the findings of a survey that found that Medical Affairs leaders see significant potential for the application of ChatGPT-like technology at Life Science companies within the next two years.

86% of the Medical Affairs leaders when asked whether Generative AI can be applied at Life Science companies answered, "Yes" or "eventually Yes." Generative AI holds the potential to transform Medical Affairs activities, helping teams to provide more effective and targeted engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and ensure products are used safely and effectively by HCPs and patients, among other uses. Only 1% of the respondents said it has no potential.

In addition, over the same period of time, Medical Affairs professionals believe they are uniquely situated to improve patient outcomes with Generative AI. While ChatGPT-like technology has many potential applications within Life Science companies, 49% of survey respondents said that Medical Affairs has the most appropriate use cases.

Study finds ChatGPT and Generative AI will likely be used in life sciences and medical companies within the next two years

"Generative AI could enable more efficient and effective analysis of vast amounts of unstructured data such as internal data and publications, strategy development, and decision-making. However, it is important to note that generative AI should not be seen as a replacement for human expertise and judgment, but rather as a tool to augment and supercharge human decision-making," said Dr. Lana Feng, CEO of Huma.AI.

It makes sense that 40% of the survey respondents suggested that applying Generative AI to further leverage research publications as the data source would be most advantageous when leveraging Generative AI.

65% of the Medical Affairs leaders surveyed believed either verifiability or accuracy was the most important attribute needed when generative AI is applied to the Life Sciences domain.

Verifiability is important because it enables stakeholders such as medical affairs and regulatory experts, healthcare professionals, and patients to trust the results produced by the AI model. Accuracy is important because inaccurate intelligence can have serious consequences for patient safety and product efficacy and can result in regulatory and legal issues. An "expert in the loop" AI approach addresses both verifiability and accuracy, which explains the third most common answer that such an expert is the most important attribute (20%).

When asked, 44% of Medical Affairs leaders answered that they believed generative AI would be implemented within their organization from 6 months to two years. Also noteworthy: only 11% of respondents stated that ChatGPT-like technology was unlikely ever to be implemented at Life Science companies.

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