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The astronomical study of measuring time has been pursued for thousands of years by all major cultures. To know the seasons was of crucial importance for being able to plant and harvest crops in the right moment. Ancient cultures were able to understand the motion of the celestial bodies moving across the night sky and the earth revolving orbiting around the sun in one year, even the complex motion of the moon was decoded making it possible to predict eclipses already in the years BC. The motion of planets remained a mystery for hundreds of years until the heliocentric view made it possible to understand gravity and to calculate the orbits of the wandering stars. This fascinated us. So we began to dig deeper, with an old question in mind:

The Cosmic Watch is an interactive 3D tool. It's a realtime world clock, time travel machine, astrolab, antikythera mechanism, orrery, armillary sphere, astral-chart generator and solar system simulator. 

The clock face is set around the Earth’s ecliptic, which allows us to see the celestial bodies moving with us while we experience time.

An intuitive and innovative real-time point of view.

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