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11/11/2019 8:03:58 AM
Booz Allen introduces Modzy AI platform
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Booz Allen introduces Modzy AI platform

Artificial Intelligence

Booz Allen introduces Modzy AI platform

Monday, November 11, 2019

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Booz Allen introduces Modzy, a first-of-its-kind enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software product with a mission of its own: putting AI to work through the power of trusted models and a secure, scalable platform.

Booz Allen combined its deep domain and technical expertise in complex AI engagements with leading AI software companies to introduce Modzy, an enterprise AI software product designed for rapid deployment, management, and governance of AI models at scale.

Modzy is an AI platform and marketplace with embedded security, adversarial defense, and governance to operationalize trusted AI for the enterprise, enabling customers access to a growing marketplace of pre-trained AI models from leading machine learning companies.

Booz Allen introduces Modzy, a first-of-its-kind enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software product with a mission of its own: putting AI to work through the power of trusted models and a secure, scalable platform.

The Modzy platform and model marketplace creates the missing AI layer in today’s tech stack, accelerating the deployment of AI from the lab to the enterprise. With click-to-deploy access for a growing list of AI models from leading tech companies and open source communities and an environment to upload, manage and reuse AI models, Modzy greatly reduces risk and barriers to adopting and scaling AI. Interested customers can request an invitation to the Modzy Early Access Program, beginning today.

"Achieving the promise of AI requires much more than training the next algorithm. It’s about giving organizations choice and having a predictable and repeatable way to rapidly deploy, manage and secure AI models at an enterprise scale. With Modzy, Booz Allen is challenging the idea that AI has to be custom-built for each department, project or purpose. By combining our deep domain and technical expertise with that of other leading AI providers, we’re helping the U.S. government and companies deploy AI at a fraction of the price and time required to build bespoke models from scratch," said Dr. Josh Sullivan, senior vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton and Modzy executive leader.

According to Gartner, "as AI and ML (Machine Learning) initiatives mature, the biggest challenge faced by technical professionals is operationalizing ML for effective management and delivery of models."

Modzy addresses many of the identified barriers related to scaling trustworthy AI to the enterprise, which includes:

· Expanding marketplace primed with a growing number of pre-trained AI models aimed at accelerating workflows.

· Plug and play solutions for data scientists and software engineers to quickly deploy and easily integrate AI into front-end applications.

· Future-proofing your enterprise AI and reducing vendor lock-in by abstracting data pipelines, machine learning development languages and frameworks, and front-end applications from the models.

· Empowering administrators control of how models are used, deployed and governed throughout the enterprise.

· Providing the transparency and auditing required to understand how models were used in your environment, and very early stage explainability.

· The ability to deploy AI to any on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure, optimized for both traditional and accelerated computing such as NVIDIA’s GPU platforms.

· Patent-pending adversarial defensive techniques that filter poisoned data and evaluate model vulnerabilities, as well as pre-hardened models available for use.

"Modzy will accelerate the deployment of operational AI projects so organizations can finally realize the benefit from AI’s significant business impacts. Until now, AI has primarily delivered custom model creation capabilities which tend to be one-off, time-intensive, expensive, and experimental. Modzy may become one of the key Marketplaces the industry needs to automatically discover, manage and deploy pre-trained models, in a highly scalable and trusted way. Booz Allen's entry into the AI Software Platform market with Modzy may solve a significant challenge in operationalizing AI, and become the leading edge of how AI/ML models are sold, deployed and operated in the future," said Adelaide O’Brien, IDC Government Insights Research Director.

Modzy is designed to continually add new models and capabilities through its strategic relationships with recognized AI leaders.

"The Modzy platform is one step closer to ensuring the government has the technology they need to protect the American people, when they need it, how they need it and we are thrilled to apply our advanced AI capabilities to this marketplace. Together we can help government and commercial customers securely adopt and transition to trusted AI models and solutions," said Ben Lamm, CEO, and Founder of Hypergiant Industries.

Modzy is one of a portfolio of investments Booz Allen is making to drive innovation and spur adoption of emerging technologies, in line with Booz Allen’s growth strategy of operating at the nexus of technology and our clients’ missions.

The Modzy software announcement will be streamed live from NVIDIA’s GTC DC conference, during the Accelerating AI Summit.

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