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Wolf Ruzicka

Wolf Ruzicka

Wolf has been a leader in the technology industry for more than two decades. Since joining EastBanc in 2007, originally as CEO, he has overseen the organic growth of the company taking it from 35 employees to over 150, with staff turnover of virtually zero. This enthusiastic workforce, coupled with Wolf’s keen vision and strategic direction, has seen EastBanc Technologies establish itself at the frontier of technology with a reputation for game-changing excellence.

Wolf is an entrepreneur, technology advocate, and mentor. He serves on numerous boards and groups, including the Microsoft Customer Advisory Board for Microsoft Azure and the World Economic Forum’s “Partnering for Cyber Resilience” initiative. Prior to joining our team, Wolf served as President of APIphany (now part of Microsoft) and held leadership positions with MicroStrategy, Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa, and more. Wolf holds an MBA from Ingolstadt School of Management.

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