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Kimberly Culp

Kimberly Culp

Kimberly Culp, San Francisco Venable LLP attorney, works with video game and digital media companies.  She assesses and manages risk in a wide variety of matters, such as advertising claims, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy policies, terms of use, warranty claims, intellectual property, and general business matters.  Where necessary, she helps her clients resolve their disputes through litigation.  In all aspects of her practice, Kimberly's focus is on reaching her client's strategic goal, and she has successfully met those strategic goals for early-stage companies with limited resources, and for mature companies operating on tight budgets.

Kimberly’s personal gaming began on an Atari, but with less free-time these days she enjoys the convenience of mobile platforms. She can be reached via email,, and followed on Twitter @culpk.

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