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Mehmet Yitmen

Mehmet Yitmen

Mehmet Yitmen serves as Managing Partner and Agile consultant for ACM Software. He has been searching for improving the efficiency and quality of the software industry. He is also the founder and president of the After graduating from the Industrial Engineering Department at Bilkent University, he worked in the logistics industry and then continued with joining ACM. Currently Mehmet Yitmen carries out studies for using Agile approaches within ACM and while adapting these approaches to the culture of the company, improves his expertise about Agile. Mehmet is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) for where he teaches Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF), Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) training courses. He additionally is an active consultant where he participates in many software development projects using Agile and Scrum.

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