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Marko Lehtimaki

Marko Lehtimaki

Marko Lehtimaki is the CEO and Co-Founder of AppGyver, the provider of a rapid
mobile app development platform. As a serial entrepreneur and software developer,
Marko has founded and led several disruptive software companies, such as Venture
Bonsai, one of the world’s first equity based crowd-funding platforms.
Marko is an HTML5 advocate and a firm believer in hybrid app technologies with an
exceptional skill to bridge real-world business requirements with the capabilities of the
latest technology.
Marko's current company, AppGyver, provides a next-generation mobile app
development platform with a vision to revolutionize the HTML5 hybrid apps space.
Lehtimaki hopes that AppGyver will change the way apps are developed by making
HTML5 hybrid apps indistinguishable from native apps. AppGyver also provides next
generation rapid mobile app development tools to increase developer productivity and
minimize waste in software development.
Marko lives in San Francisco, and enjoys working with a small team of like-minded
visionaries and entrepreneurs. Lehtimaki loves to travel and discuss the latest cuttingedge
technologies with software developers and business people alike.

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