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Narayan Sainaney

Narayan Sainaney

Narayan Sainaney is a technology entrepreneur and business strategist with over 21 years of expertise.
Narayan has worked on high profile products for Microsoft (Office 97, PhotoEditor) and Adobe (Acrobat 4.0, Illustrator 7.0) and Aldus (PageMaker 6.5). As an entrepreneur Narayan co-founded Mindquake Software, Digital Snaps, Vitrium System and He has experience in raising capital, building management teams, developing products, establishing market presence and executing sales. As an intellectual property expert, Narayan has successfully built trademark, copyright and patent portfolios.
Narayan holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with a specialization in Computer Science, from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at UBC.
When not working, Narayan is an avid sailor and amateur astronomer and may or may not have found life in space.

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