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8/31/2022 2:15:51 PM
App Stability Index of top mobile apps
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App Stability Index of top mobile apps


App Stability Index of top mobile apps

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

SmartBear has released its App Stability Index for 2022, the report measured the stability of the top 250 mobile and web apps used by Bugsnag customers worldwide. It also showed that the release cadence of top mobile apps is speeding up by 40%.

SmartBear, a provider of software development and visibility tools, has released its 2022 App Stability Index Report measuring the stability of the top 250 mobile and web apps used by Bugsnag customers worldwide. Using Bugsnag data from a 30-day period, the third annual report shows mobile apps are continuing the release trend of once per week, moving from a weekly release cadence to delivering a full release every four to five days, a 40% increase. Web apps have also moved from a biweekly cadence to a slightly faster pace with new products deploying into a production average of every 10 days.

"With the user experience becoming increasingly paramount to app success, error monitoring and app stability have evolved into application observability as the need for visibility into software releases has grown. This report contains valuable insights regarding the most popular apps around the globe while showcasing which areas have room for improvement. It’s a great benchmark to measure app stability management and error monitoring efforts against the top mobile and web apps, learn new emerging trends, and more," said Joanna Schloss, Senior VP of Product Marketing at SmartBear.

New App Stability report shows release cadence of top mobile apps is speeding up by 40%

App stability is a key indication of user experience and this report demonstrates the current stability and quality of the most popular apps across a variety of industries. While the stability of the top mobile and web applications continues to improve, web applications have now surpassed mobile apps in their stability scores (99.94% vs. 99.88% respectively). The industry strives for five nines or 99.999% stability.

Overall median stability of mobile and web applications was 99.91%, an increase from 99.80% in 2021. Gaming, as well as Health and Wellness projects, have the lowest median 30-day stability scores, 99.60%, and 99.71% respectively. Media and Entertainment projects have the highest median 30-day stability score at 99.97%.

Bugsnag was acquired by SmartBear in 2021. More than 6,000 engineering teams use the Bugsnag platform to monitor app health and build better software. For more information, go to: https://www.bugsnag.com/

To download the 2022 App Stability Index Report, visit: https://www.bugsnag.com/research/app-stability-index-2022

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