8/31/2015 10:04:26 AM
AnyPresences's Ambitious New Platform Release Offers API and IoT Functionality
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AnyPresences's Ambitious New Platform Release Offers API and IoT Functionality

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in IoT Monday, August 31, 2015

AnyPresence has announced a major change in how the company will approach its product offerings as it moves its solutions beyond traditional MBaaS and API management towards a comprehensive solution for API-driven enterprise app development and IoT ecosystem enablement.

This new direction enables rapid API development, direct connectivity to APIs from client SDKs, and generation of IT-sanctioned app starter kits from any web portal. Here how the new platform shakes out according to the company’s announcement:

Smart SDKs with Direct-to-Source Integration
AnyPresence now generates SDKs that can connect directly to REST web services without going through the backend server. This functionality is critical when an API management gateway is used between the mobile app and backend server. In traditional MBaaS solutions, the SDKs are tightly coupled to a backend sever rendering them useless when working with an API gateway. AnyPresence enables developers to leverage the benefits of client-side SDK accelerants by connecting directly to any API gateway, which can then pass the call on to the AnyPresence backend server as required.

Integration Kits
AnyPresence adds even more time-to-market acceleration through “integration kits.” These are pre-configured components that can be used to enable specific functionality such as connecting to an IoT hub, authenticating against a specific LDAP directory, or implementing business logic such as an approval workflow. Customers can use integration kits as either a starting point to build an app, distribute as best practices via an app template, or as a working example of how to meet specific enterprise requirements.

JustAPIs Enhancements
Available separately or as part of the AnyPresence enterprise platform, JustAPIs is a revolutionary solution for rapid development and deployment of microservices with a powerful JavaScript workflow engine. JustAPIs now supports endpoint connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server databases, and adds an API Workflow Test Console to improve developer productivity.

Quick Connect Adapters for SOAP and HTTP
AnyPresence now provides faster integration to virtually any enterprise data source via powerful HTTP and SOAP connectors. Legacy or custom web services can be easily transformed into RESTful APIs via declarative configuration within the AnyPresence Designer, minimizing the amount of code and technical debt that needs to be created and maintained.

New Database and Authentication Adapters
In addition to expanding support for enterprise databases such as IBM DB2, AnyPresence now supports the broadest range of authentication strategies via the introduction of a custom HTTP-Authentication adapter. This adapter allows apps to authenticate against virtually any HTTP-based authentication management or identity management system, including SSO solutions such as Ping Identity.

Designer Audit Logs
Support IT governance and SOX policies via a detailed history of all user actions on app definitions made within the AnyPresence Designer.

The company points out that the platform components are loosely coupled, so customers can use AnyPresence Smart SDKs, JustAPIs, or backend servers independently and in any combination based on project requirements. Also, AnyPresence complements existing enterprise infrastructure and governance policies, enabling Bimodal IT strategies for digital innovation.

Read more: http://www.anypresence.com/ww.mindmaze.ch/vr/

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