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2/16/2024 8:41:39 AM
An shun Ethereum chain developed by Neo
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An shun Ethereum chain developed by Neo


An shun Ethereum chain developed by Neo

Friday, February 16, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Neo has developed a bespoke consortium ethereum-compatible chain, An-shun chain for the Chinese enterprise market. The An-shun Chain is compatible with various Ethereum development tools, enterprises and developers have the opportunity to develop applications and deploy smart contracts on-chain.

Neo announced that it has launched a bespoke Ethereum-compatible consortium chain with increased performance and security for the China-based BSN-DCC Network.

Building on the momentum of Neo’s EVM-compatible sidechain Neo X, An-shun Chain, developed to meet domestic application needs, builds on the momentum of Neo’s recently launched permissionless EVM-compatible Neo X sidechain and is now live following significant testing and innovation from the Neo team.

Neo develops consortium Ethereum-compatible chain for Chinese enterprise market

Based on the Ethereum protocol, Neo developed An-shun Chain as a high-performance and cost-effective decentralized blockchain infrastructure to be used across specific industry sectors including supply chain, traceability, and NFTs, and to address pain points in businesses with complex data integration.

BSN-DDC Network is a distributed cloud service network managed by the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) China. BSN is a leading blockchain infrastructure network constructed by a group of key organizations and companies, with Neo emerging as one of its earliest members as far back as 2020.

"The launch of the new An-shun Chain aligns with Neo's vision to drive blockchain interoperability and transform traditional industries with Web3 tools, paving the way for a future of the Smart Economy. The Ethereum-compatible An-shun Chain utilizes robust and innovative technologies, including Byzantine fault-tolerance consensus mechanisms, ensuring the highest reliability of the system. Additionally, it builds on the recent launch of our new EVM-compatible sidechain, Neo X, which is permissionless and provides increased security and privacy for users," said Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo.

An shun chain incorporates key technical innovations to drive performance and security

An-shun Chain incorporates key technical innovations to drive performance and security, including:

  • The HotStuff consensus algorithm allows for efficient Byzantine fault tolerance and supports a large number of nodes, allowing the An-shun Chain to support more than 100 consensus nodes.
  • The RLP serialization algorithm, ensures efficient encoding and decoding.
  • An improved MPT data structure, ensures seamless and robust core data structures. 
  • Bloom filters, which enable quick queries of transaction logs.

By utilizing these leading technological advancements, An-shun Chain offers faster block generation, lower gas costs, and significantly improved transaction performance, critical in facilitating mainstream adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies. In transaction performance alone, the An-shun Chain facilitates up to 2,000 TPS - more than 100 times faster than other leading chains - making it suitable for more complex business and financial transactions.

Additionally, as An-shun Chain is compatible with various Ethereum development tools, enterprises and developers have the opportunity to develop applications and deploy smart contracts on-chain.

"The continuous introduction of consortium chains, such as the new An-shun Chain by the DDC network, demonstrates a forward-looking and innovative approach. Through the new chain, Neo is providing more convenient access to these technologies for enterprises, institutions, and individual users, while enabling the DDC network to cover a broader range of industries. As we move forward, the DDC network will continue to provide an open, transparent, secure, and stable infrastructure, and we look forward to working further with Neo to realize this," said He Yifan, CEO of Red Date Technology, the architect of BSN, welcoming the advancement.

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