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Amazon Fire Phone and Kindle Fire Now Supports Urban Airship’s Mobile Push and In App Messaging
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Amazon Fire Phone and Kindle Fire Now Supports Urban Airship’s Mobile Push and In App Messaging

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Thursday, July 10, 2014

One measure of the success of an app market is its ability to get third party providers to make available support products and services for developers who create apps for that platform. That’s one of the problems BlackBerry encountered as the vast majority of mobile industry companies took a wait and see approach, resulting in limited access to the app developers tools were successfully using on iOS and Android.

So it’s a good indication for Amazon that Urban Airship, which offers a popular mobile relationship management platform, has announced that its full platform capabilities with native support for Amazon Device Messaging will soon be available for apps developed for Fire phone and Kindle Fire. Apps developed for Amazon devices will be able to utilize Urban Airship’s real-time mobile marketing automation capabilities with targeted push messaging and in-app content.

“We’ve supported push messaging on Kindle Fire since it first launched and are thrilled to be bringing even greater relevancy, responsiveness and richer experiences to the Amazon ecosystem,” said Scott Kveton, co-founder and CEO, Urban Airship. “Apps designed for Amazon devices can now not only leverage fine-grain user controls and precise segmentation and targeting, but also easily respond to users’ actions in real-time and become more relevant with their every click.”

Urban Airship’s provides the following: 

- The ability to reach all users, not just those opted in to push, with in-app message centers and targeted in-app content.

- At the app level, use location history profiles for targeted messages, along with any combination of users’ preferences, in-app behaviors, and customer data.

- Launch multi-step marketing automation campaigns such as a welcome series that adapt to users’ responses and behaviors with dynamic audience segmentation.

- Be less reliant on using a single, unified interface designed to streamline workflows for business users, from responsive templates for in-app content, to deep-linking messages to landing pages anywhere in the app or on the mobile web.

NBC News is among initial brands to commit to integrating the new platform for app users on Amazon devices. That’s another good sign for Amazon and of course the team at Urban Airship for the adoption of its services as they relate to Amazon products.

Read more: http://urbanairship.com/news-and-events/press-rele...

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