1. Alpha Software Launches New Enterprise Functionality to Alpha Anywhere
7/30/2015 4:01:13 PM
Alpha Software Launches New Enterprise Functionality to Alpha Anywhere
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Alpha Software Launches New Enterprise Functionality to Alpha Anywhere

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Thursday, July 30, 2015

Alpha Software has released in beta new capabilities in the Alpha Anywhere mobile application development and deployment environment providing the ability for developers to create offline-enabled tablet-optimized forms for workers who primarily work standing up and moving around. 

The update offers new opportunity for companies to mobilize paper forms and workflows to facilitate reduced time lag between capturing and utilizing field data, increased accuracy and speed of data entry, and richer data capture along with flexible ink and voice annotation.

The release is in response to Alpha’s Tablet Advisory Group, company customers who are early adopters working on these types of apps, which require advanced data integration, security and tablet capabilities. This group helped define platform functionality for developers who need capabilities beyond replicating a paper form on a tablet. 

The result is functionality for apps that take full advantage of the device hardware - from GPS and mapping to capturing photos, video, audio and bar codes. The platform offers real-time integration with corporate data and processes; solves time lag issues and streamline work processes while ensuring better accuracy.

With the new tablet-optimized forms capabilities Alpha Anywhere now offers 

- Offline capability with storage of large media files
- Easy-to-incorporate designs which do not require graphic designers to have knowledge of Alpha Anywhere
- Custom editors to improve usability during data entry compared to normal soft keyboards
- Ink, video and voice annotation
- Full database CRUD support

Read more: http://www.alphasoftware.com/products.asp