7/22/2016 9:04:01 AM
AerServ Integrates Media Trust Scanner to Combat Malware in Mobile Ad Tags
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AerServ Integrates Media Trust Scanner to Combat Malware in Mobile Ad Tags

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Security Friday, July 22, 2016

AerServ has announced it is integrating The Media Trust SaaS-based Media Scanner service into its mobile ad serving and mediation platform to automatically detect, alert and then remove suspicious or malicious ad creatives.

The Media Scanner service provides continuous protection against malware surreptitiously embedded in mobile ad tags. The solution hunts for malicious ad tags that may harm the user experience or provide an unsafe environment.

AerServ is integrating the Media Scanner service to help combat auto-redirecting creative and malware. A mobile redirect is a small piece of code embedded into an ad tag or recommended third-party content. When the infected ad or content appears on the screen, the user is suddenly and abruptly redirected from their current property to app stores, pornographic sites or other unwanted content. 

When The Media Trust's Media Scanner service detects any suspicious or malicious ad tags, including mobile redirects, it immediately notifies AerServ of the suspicious activity so they can remove and block bad creative.

You can learn more on how the Media Trust scanner detects malware in mobile ad tags in the link below.

Read more: https://www.themediatrust.com/datasheets/Media-Sca...