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8/20/2014 4:19:25 PM
Whitepages PRO Provides Mobile Developers Access to APIs
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Whitepages PRO Provides Mobile Developers Access to APIs


Whitepages PRO Provides Mobile Developers Access to APIs

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Whitepages PRO has launched a self-service developer portal opening access to new company APIs which includes a data platform that provides access to one of the largest database of people and businesses in North America. 

Through the Graph APIs, developers can offer in their apps the ability to include identity verification and validation elements, including those centered on names, addresses, phone numbers, businesses and communications. Developers can sign up at the new portal to access and integrate the data within their applications.

The new Graph APIs provide access to the Whitepages PRO Contact Graph, a technology and data infrastructure that connects people, addresses, and various cell and landline phone numbers. The Contact Graph data structure gives insight required to confirm identities and their relationships with other entities based on how customers are linked to other user-submitted and public data. Typical use cases of the Whitepages PRO Contact Graph include validating user identities, eliminating fraudulent information and enriching legitimate leads.

- Person API: returns a rich dataset about the person behind a name, including related phone numbers, present and historical addresses and age demographics

- Phone API: returns comprehensive data on any phone number, including the person, location and address associated with the number, carrier, status on the Do Not Call list, SPAM score and more

- Address API: returns data around who is residing at a particular address, if the address is able to receive mail, associated phone numbers, and more

- Business API:  businesses by industry and location are provided with details such as owner, address and phone numbers

The Whitepages PRO Graph APIs use REST/JSON protocols and formats to enable integration with other apps to enable lightweight and fast development as well as enterprise-class security and reliability. Once the API key is opened, the data is available in seconds, and can be fused into virtually any application that needs identity data for consumer or business applications. 

Also announced by the company is the Whitepages PRO Mashup Challenge. The contest seeks to unearth the best use of the data from the Graph API in two categories, innovation and Data for Good, and will run until October 20, 2014. In the innovation category, entries will be judged on how identity and contact data is integrated in a business process or application and solves a real customer pain point. In the Data for Good category, entries will be judged on how identity and contact data can be used to solve pressing problems in the community, such as early warning systems or local disaster management. 

Read more: http://pro.whitepages.com/developer/

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