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6/6/2024 9:00:03 AM
Token Trek user engagement platform launched by The Radix Ecosystem
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Token Trek user engagement platform launched by The Radix Ecosystem


Token Trek user engagement platform launched by The Radix Ecosystem

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Radix has launched Token Trek, a user onboarding initiative to fuel ecosystem growth with a quest-focused onboarding initiative by dmany. It boosts engagement and on-chain transactions by rewarding users for exploring Radix through Web3 tasks like token swaps and liquidity pools, and Web2 tasks like meme competitions.

The Radix Ecosystem has launched a quest-focused user onboarding initiative called Token Trek, aimed at increasing community engagement and on-chain transactions. Built by Dmany, a social infrastructure startup empowering web3 enthusiasts to earn crypto rewards, Token Trek provides users with opportunities to explore the Radix ecosystem whilst being rewarded for doing so.

Designed to drive ecosystem growth, users will be rewarded for undertaking tasks, with activities ranging from Web3 tasks on Radix such as undertaking token swaps, and adding capital to a liquidity pool to Web2 tasks such as meme competitions and social media posts. 

The Radix Ecosystem launches Token Trek, powered by dmany: Quest-focused onboarding initiative

"The more activity users undertake on Radix, the more they will realize the enormous potential of the ecosystem. This is our latest BreakOut2024 initiative, marking not just a year of change but the dawn of an era where Radix emerges as the best place for both users and developers to get involved with DeFi. It also signals our commitment to engaging native Web3 audiences, where new, immersive tactics are required. We are incredibly excited to see how people engage with Token Trek," said Adam Simmons, CSO of RDX Works.

Token Trek powered by dmany will provide initial rewards totaling 120K USD

Token Trek is powered by dmany and will provide initial rewards totaling $120K USD

Radix will provide an initial US$120,000 of rewards, which will be further supplemented by prize pools from various ecosystem partners. Radix projects taking part in Token Trek include CaviarNine, Ociswap, DefiPlaza, XRD Domains, Trove, HUG, Xidar and others.

Token Trek is the latest initiative in Radix’s Breakout2024 growth map. This year will see the ecosystem bring about a mobile-first Web3 user experience that makes using Web3 something everyone can feel confident doing. It will also see significant liquidity campaigns, user-onboarding campaigns, ecosystem funds, an influx of institutional capital, and a world record throughput attempt.

Radix web3 quests

Radix web3 quests

The launch of Token Trek follows a string of key milestones for the Radix ecosystem, including the rollouts of an initial US$1 million Ecosystem Fund, as well as the US$10M+ Projection Ignition, a liquidity incentive program, alongside the appointment of two non-executive directors to the board.

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