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4/9/2018 2:02:09 PM
MoveWith is using Feed.fm now
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MoveWith is using Feed.fm now


MoveWith is using Feed.fm now

Monday, April 9, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

MoveWith digital trainer platform implements all new curated music streaming capabilities from Feed.fm into their app to provide users the perfect music for any of their workouts. Together Feed.fm and MoveWith want to help people achieve their user's best state of fitness.

Feed.fm has announces that MoveWith is utilizing its music-as-a-service product to provide Movers (MoveWith users) with curated popular music to emulate the in-person experience of being coached by a boutique fitness instructor. Key to MoveWith’s innovative fitness approach is providing motivation from multiple coaches, helping MoveWith grow over 50% every month with a community of over 200,000 and active subscribers averaging nearly 3 classes per week. The act of integrating expertly DJ’d, curated streaming music to workouts however, is no easy feat.

“We’ve got our hands full reimagining and creating today’s modern mobile gym and we didn’t want to reinvent the music wheel,” said Holly Shelton, MoveWith CEO and co-founder. “Feed.fm is the ideal partner to help motivate our Movers with an innovative approach to music.”

“MoveWith needed to have amazing popular music that was on brand for the coaches and truly matched the motivational needs of the individual class. Coaches are DJs because they have to be, and because they know that music is an incredibly important part of any fitness experience,” said Shelton.

Feed.fm provides MoveWith coaches with:

  • Expert music curation with the right BPM range and genre to map to the movement type.
  • Ability to duplicate the experience of a live boutique fitness class led by a coach from start to finish.
  • Soundtracks that are constantly updated with the latest, most motivating tracks.

“MoveWith has really figured out what it takes to recreate an amazing fitness experience on your phone,” said Feed.fm CEO and co-founder Jeff Yasuda. “We love providing both Movers and coaches with expertly curated streaming music. The right workout music is proven to create dopamine, which helps runners, bikers, meditators, yogis and everyone in between to have the best fitness experience possible.”

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