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3/1/2015 8:29:12 AM
Mobile Metrics 101, Transferring Web Marketing Skills to Mobile
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Mobile Metrics 101, Transferring Web Marketing Skills to Mobile

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Mobile Metrics 101, Transferring Web Marketing Skills to Mobile

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Sometimes it’s easier not to trying to reinvent the wheel. In the mobile marketing realm, there has been an obvious shift to mobile apps as people are spending more time in apps than on the web. 

And thus some developers have decided that they need to abandon their web marketing skills. While there are obvious differences between marketing for the web and mobile, abandoning everything you learned with web marketing is not necessarily a smart thing.

To show how you can take aspects of web marketing and use this knowledge for mobile apps, Localytics has published a new webinar - Mobile Metrics 101: Everything Web Marketers Need to Know About App Analytics - which is available on-demand. The webinar lasts just under an hour and discusses the similarities and differences between web and mobile marketing tactics.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

- The difference in discovery from the web and apps.
- The key mobile equivalents of web metrics to help you gauge your app’s performance.
- How to measure success during all lifecycle stages of your app: from awareness, to engagement, to conversions and closes.
- The similarities and differences between the customer journey online vs. in apps.
- A detailed introduction on how to do inbound marketing for apps.

To watch the full webinar, visit the Localytics website at the link below.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/free-webinar-mobile-met...

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