1. Metadata can be deadly in cyber exploitation
7/18/2017 8:13:14 AM
Metadata can be deadly in cyber exploitation
Metadata Vulnerabilities,Cyber Security Threat,Cyber Exploitation
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Metadata can be deadly in cyber exploitation


Metadata can be deadly in cyber exploitation

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

ICIT has published a briefing about why Metadata is the Most Potent Weapon in This Cyber War - The New Cyber-Kinetic-Meta War.

When someone says "There's no cause for concern, it's only metadata" you can send them this:

Metadata, or “data about data,” is collected and recorded to describe data, identify trends, administer algorithmic solutions, and model potential scenarios. When one understands how to make sense of seemingly random metadata or how to pair the data with other exfiltrated data pools, there are limitless possibilities for social engineering and cyber exploitation in attacks that weaponize psychographic and demographic Big Data algorithms.

ICIT has published a briefing entitled “Metadata: The Most Potent Weapon in This Cyber War - The New Cyber-Kinetic-Meta War.” In it, we offer an analysis of this underreported threat to our National Security though a comprehensive assessment of how meta-exploits are hyper-evolving an already next-generation adversarial landscape.

This includes discussions on:

- How dragnet surveillance and retroactive legislation impede cybersecurity
- How S.J. Res 34 allows ISPs to undermine national security and privacy
- How Meta-Exploits expedite nation-state attacks on critical infrastructure
- How Meta-Exploitation of Big data and metadata augments extremist recruiting of Niche personnel enables cyber-kinetic attacks
- Unmasks users with psychographic and demographic algorithms
- Transforms remote contractors into insider threats
- Undermines democratic institutions
- Impedes financial systems
- Precisely tailors disinformation and fake news
- Disrupts energy systems
- Can cripple the healthcare sector

Read more: http://icitech.org/icit-brief-metadata-the-most-po...

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