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3/29/2022 5:28:21 PM
Change Data Capture adapter launches
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Change Data Capture adapter launches


Change Data Capture adapter launches

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Push Technology announced the launch of the Change Data Capture (CDC) adapter. It will speed up development, simplify ongoing operations, capture data, enable in-flight data transformation, provide reliable data delivery, maintain security, future-proof your architecture, and a lot more.

Push Technology has announced the launch of a new Change Data Capture (CDC) Adapter. The adapter is particularly appropriate for event-driven use cases in IoT transportation data, global equity/derivative exchange market data, and retail and eCommerce.

The Diffusion Platform-Gateway has an array of adapters to capture all forms of data feeds, the latest addition to its portfolio is the pre-built CDC adapter which streams updates from the source database(s) into the Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data platform. The CDC adapter uses Debezium, a popular open-source change data capture tool, which monitors database logs/tables to identify changes and pushes these changes into Diffusion.

Change Data Capture adapter from Push Technology

The Diffusion CDC adapter fetches the latest data, with its schema, from a database or multiple databases, and publishes the changes to JSON Diffusion topics. Change data events captured by the adapter are processed and published to Diffusion topics according to the configuration. Depending on the business use case, consumers can subscribe to topics containing the database changes.

Following data capture, Diffusion, a low-code, intelligent data platform with capabilities spanning all of the Event Data Architecture broker types (queue, log, and subscription), handles the rest of your event data requirements. Diffusion's CDC Adapter speeds development and simplifies ongoing operations with the following benefits:

  • Data Capture. Source data changes are detected, captured, and propagated in real-time. Enabling downstream consumers to act upon changes quickly.
  • In-Flight Data Transformation. Diffusion handles protocol translation, data transformation, and payload conversion in real-time.
  • Reliable Data Delivery. Real-time streaming event data delivered to any consumer, plus the ability to buffer incoming events if the rate of event production exceeds the capacity of a particular event consumer.
  • Security Maintained. Security is an integral part of the Diffusion platform with fine-grained role-based access control via security policies applied instantaneously to all connections. Authentication options include OAuth, JWT, or custom authentication.
  • Performance Assured. Diffusion and the Diffusion CDC adapter remove the operational burden that traditional polling and trigger-based methods impose on source systems. Costly/complex database instances, schemas, and tables, legacy data integration infrastructure, and custom code used in legacy architectures can be eliminated.
  • Scalability As You Need It. Diffusion easily scales to handle your requirements, be it the amount of data or the number of events that need to be processed, or the number of consumers.
  • Future Proof Your Architecture. In addition to streaming CDC data from source databases, Diffusion can consume raw event data from a wide variety of sources in any size, format, or velocity, to handle all of your data aggregation, integration/ transformation, and delivery needs, today and in the future.

Andréa Skov, CMO of Push Technology, explains: "Event Data is only useful if you can capture, analyze, and act on it quickly. Failure to handle data in real-time prevents companies from taking advantage of their data assets. Our new CDC adapter will play a vital role in technologists' efforts to ensure that data in non-event-based source systems is quickly ingested, transformed, and propagated to the applications, dashboards, and analytics tools that power their businesses."

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