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4/30/2024 11:52:02 AM
Buildbox 4 AI turns game ideas into reality faster than ever
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Buildbox 4 AI turns game ideas into reality faster than ever

Game Development

Buildbox 4 AI turns game ideas into reality faster than ever

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The Buildbox 4 AI game engine is transforming game development. Now, creators at any experience level can easily generate AI scenes and create assets like cars through simple typing, empowering more developers with advanced tools.

Buildbox launches Buildbox 4, a new AI game engine that puts the power of game development in your hands, no matter your experience level. Simply enter your prompt to create and watch as the AI generates game assets, and entire scenes, and assists you in editing levels as you build out your game.

Turn your game ideas into reality faster than ever with Buildbox 4 AI

This platform offers an intuitive, powerful AI toolset that enables anyone to create stunning, immersive games in minutes, including:

  • Aspiring Game Developers: Get started creating games without learning complex coding.
  • Seasoned Game Developers: Prototype faster and explore innovative design ideas with the help of AI.
  • Game Studios: Build games at scale with a streamlined development process powered by AI.

In an era where game development was once gatekept by complex coding and technical barriers, Buildbox 4 emerges as a beacon of innovation, tearing down these walls with its AI-first development philosophy. By integrating AI to assist in game logic creation, scene building, and asset generation, Buildbox 4 is not just a tool but a game development partner that understands your needs and helps bring your creative visions to life.

Make games with AI by typing what you want to create

Make games with AI, by typing what you want to create:

  • Text-to-game: Describe what you want, and Buildbox 4's generative AI will help create it. Imagine writing "make a character jump" and seeing it come to life!
  • Prompt to Prototype: Quickly build the foundation of your game with simple prompts. Buildbox 4 will understand your vision and get you started in minutes.
  • AI-powered tools: Let AI handle the heavy lifting! Buildbox 4 can streamline complex tasks like game logic and scene building, freeing you to focus on creativity.

AI scene creation a new era of game creation

AI scene creation: A new era of game creation

Buildbox has always been a trailblazer, dedicated to providing solutions that transform the game development landscape. With Buildbox 4, we're not just stepping into the future but defining it. This version features an enhanced graphics engine, offering breathtaking visuals and smooth animations previously exclusive to top-tier game studios. Coupled with an expanded library of graphics and a streamlined interface, Buildbox 4 is designed to be the ultimate playground for creativity. Buildbox 4 is more than just a game engine; it's your AI-powered game development partner.

"Buildbox 4 takes our vision of making game development easy for creators to a whole new scale. We believe that everyone has a game inside them waiting to be made, and with Buildbox 4, we're making it possible for those dreams to become reality. Our AI-driven engine simplifies development and sparks creativity for developers. Millions of people are developing games, but our new AI engine will open the door for tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people to build games. This is a game changer, " says Jonathan Zweig, CEO of Buildbox.

Buildbox's commitment to innovation and ease of use is evident in every aspect of Buildbox 4. From its AI-driven development tools to its expansive asset library and cutting-edge graphics engine, Buildbox 4 is designed to empower creators and redefine what's possible in game development.

You can find a video highlighting some of the new features of Buildbox 4 below.

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