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8/13/2014 12:44:24 PM
7 Must Have Apps for Financially Savvy College Students
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7 Must Have Apps for Financially Savvy College Students

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7 Must Have Apps for Financially Savvy College Students

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Melissa Hudson Melissa Hudson

College students are at an important financial intersect in their lives as they transition from being financially dependent to financially independent. Without learning the proper habits, that transition may never really come. Poor money management and lack of financial insights are a recipe for a lifetime of financial dependance on everything from banks, creditors and even family. 

The following seven apps all give college students a jump start on financial independence by providing tools that help them stay organized and responsible, ultimately leading the students of today towards a financially savvy post-graduate life.
1. Mint: Free in both Android and iOS, Mint is a hub of real-time access to the accounts you hold at financial institutions. Mint pulls your transactions and balances in and makes them available to you in a simple dashboard that tells you exactly where you stand financially. College students will always know just how much is in their piggy bank with Mint.

2. BillGuard: This free personal finance app scans credit card and debit card transactions, alerting users to possible scams, billing errors and hidden fees. Why get charged money when you don't have to? For busy college students this is a must have to keep your money from falling in the wrong hands! Available in both Android and iOS.

3. Earmark:  Keep track of what you don't buy and save towards what you want – with Earmark you can create a “wish list” of five items you want to save up for and then put any unspent money towards it. This must-have app let's you see how much closer you get to your wish-list item by skipping that Starbucks.

4. Activehours: Getting access to the funds you need has never been easier than with Activehours. This free app allows you to access your wages ahead of your pay cycle – so long as you have worked the hours. For students who are working part-time this is a must-have – whether you need to buy books or dorm supplies, now you don't have to wait until that next paycheck to make it happen. Available in both Android and iOS.

5. Walla.by:  Swiping the wrong credit card could mean missing out on valuable rewards, points, or cash back. This iOS and Android available app makes sure that doesn't happen by telling you which card in your wallet is the best one to use, for any location you're shopping or dining at.

6. SavedPlus: Saving is easy when its automated – download this app in iOS or Android and never worry about saving again. SavedPlus works with any bank, allowing you to put money aside every time you make a purchase or buy something.  You'll be on your way to your dream Spring Break vacation destination in no time.

7. RetailMeNot: The largest supplier of digital coupons, RetailMeNot is a must-have for anyone on a budget. Available in iOS and Android, this app is a testament to the mantra that no one should have to pay full retail if they don't have to.

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