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The iOS app store sales data app AppSalesTrends gets an update
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The iOS app store sales data app AppSalesTrends gets an update

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in iOS Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Apple's iOS and Mac App Store sales tracking data is now more available with the release of AppSalesTrends v2.30 by Esa Helttula.

Finnish indie developer, Esa Helttula announces AppSalesTrends 2.30, the update to his iOS and Mac App Store sales tracking application for macOS. The app allows iOS and macOS developers to download and analyze tracking information about their apps. Users can track an unlimited number of apps and bundles, view daily sales reports, sales graphs, and much more. Version 2.30 brings the ability to view the Apple Fiscal Calendar, which includes all Apple payment dates until the end of January 2019.

Independent developer, Esa Helttula has announced the availability of AppSalesTrends 2.30 the important update to his App Store sales tracking app for macOS. iOS and macOS developers can download and analyze sales information from the App Store. Developers can view daily sales reports, payment calendars, historical sales, and more.

Developers can track an unlimited number of apps and bundles, in both the iOS and Mac App Stores. AppSalesTrends can download the latest reports automatically and can be instructed to download up to 365 latest daily sales reports. Reports over 365 days old can be manually imported. Daily reports can be downloaded without the developer's Apple ID password, instead of using a unique access token that can only be used to download daily reports.

"I originally developed AppSalesTrends for my own use, to analyze my own iOS app sales at my iDevBooks company," says developer Esa Helttula. "My goal was to make a versatile, fast, and native iOS and Mac App Store sales tracking analyzer for the Mac. As the app has progressed, I've added and improved features, creating an excellent app sales tracking tool for iOS and Mac developers."

AppSalesTrends allows users to analyze their app sales by viewing detailed daily sales reports, moving averages, trendlines, and more. Users can also view an Apple payment calendar with estimated payments with support for dozens of currencies. The app also has the ability to view historical sale with constant currencies to eliminate fluctuations.

Custom graphs can be created by developers, showing exactly the data they select. Information can be displayed for apps, devices, countries, trendlines, and more. Users can select any combination of categories, apps, countries, and devices.

AppSalesTrends Graphs can include the following:

  • Total Downloads - Display the volume of total downloads

  • Paid Download - Display the volume of paid downloads

  • Gift purchases - Display the volume of gift purchases

  • Free Downloads - Display the volume of free downloads

  • Promo Codes - Display the volume of promo codes

  • Refunds - Display the volume of refunds

AppSalesTrends "respects the privacy of their users. No information about app sales is ever shared or transmitted outside of the app." Reports are downloaded directly from Apple. The app includes no ads.

"My app was designed for one reason, to help developers get a handle on what's happening with sales of their iOS and Mac apps in the App Store," continues Esa. I know my fellow developers will benefit from the information the app provides."

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