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Forrester recognizes Prevoty for it's RASP
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Forrester recognizes Prevoty for it's RASP

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Security Monday, April 2, 2018

The Forrester New Wave: Runtime Application Self-Protection, Q1 2018 report names Prevoty as a leader in RASP technology. In the report, Prevoty is said to be differentiated in the criteria of attack detection, management UI, and more.

Prevoty is cited as the leader of runtime application self-protection (RASP) technologies in The Forrester New Wave: Runtime Application Self-Protection, Q1 2018, released recently. Analysts from the influential research and advisory firm evaluated the eight most significant RASP vendors, interviewed customers, received demonstrations, and measured each solution against 10 assessment criteria.

Forrester also identified Prevoty as differentiated in the criteria of attack detection, management UI, attack response, zero-day attacks, reporting and analysis, feedback loops, vision, and market approach.

“Prevoty leads the pack with robust attack detection, response, and visibility. Prevoty’s RASP tool can protect Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and Ruby applications using the vendor’s own language parsing, with responses including redirect, sanitize, terminate, transform, and signal. Prevoty includes out-of-the-box SIM integrations as well as flexible ad hoc reporting,” the report states.

“In our view, Forrester’s findings confirm what our customers have been telling us. We’re providing an application security solution that helps them protect enterprise-scale, business-critical applications, improves visibility, and accelerates vulnerability management - all while saving them time and money. As a company we’re focused on partnering with our customers to ensure their success and helping them address the challenges associated with application security,” said Julien Bellanger, Co-founder and CEO of Prevoty.

“Enterprises have realized that the software they build, buy, and rely on to conduct business is inherently vulnerable to attackers,” said Kunal Anand, CTO and Co-Founder of Prevoty. “Our industry has failed to protect applications and data as we’ve relied on a two-prong approach: making developers responsible to build secure code and deploying network appliances at the edge.”

Read more: https://www.prevoty.com

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